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  1. The fuck is Toxicity doing so low!! Also, are incubus really nu-metal?
  2. Oh wow. I didn't even know that was a thing. Am now listening out of morbid curiosity. Holy fucking black metal!!!
  4. I feel if we withstood Joel and Jax going at it for years, we can withstand drifter being an oddball.
  5. I'm not for censoring him at all or banning. Let him curmudgeon and keep free speech a thing. All I can suggest that if you don't like what he's posting. Don't give him the attention he's quite clearly looking for.
  6. I've only caught Ep 1, but holy fuck, this is Larry David level of awkward hilarity. The bit that broke me with laughter was when they got the Florida Senator to say "Do you honestly expect me to say I want to arm children on camera?" then about fifteen other republican senators all endorsed it. Actual comedy gold.
  7. I've been listening to the Faster Than Light soundtrack a bit recently. Its delicious.
  8. This film was fantastic. Heartwarming and hilarious. Voice acting was superb and the soundtrack was excellent as per usual with Anderson films. It's being accused of cultural appropriation and the white saviour trope but I think people crying that are looking to nit pick and be offended.
  9. You are tonnes of fun... What sucks currently is Eric Reid being blackballed a bit because of the protests with Kap. It's not getting nearly the airtime as Kap. Bengals interviewed him but seem more concerned with the protests than they do about domestic violence and actual bad things. To go from being a pro bowler to potentially out of the league for non football reasons fucking sucks.
  10. This is my Everest. On a side note. This series from the takeout is phenomenal. The ginger scallion recipe makes fish magic and turns instant ramen into something wonderful. Also particularly love the miso cod recipe too. https://thetakeout.com/tag/umami-issues
  11. Didn't sadly. It looks like it only showed up on sign in. All looking good now. Possiblyspotty coverage at work didn't help either.
  12. God kyuss are so fucking amazing. I can't get enough of this guy lately (excuse me as I fumble about trying to get YouTube working)
  13. Has anyone a good setup of how to approach using this place via phones. Using it via Chrome on my phone is kinda clunky and has odd overlap in places and an admin error.
  14. Legit the best show on tv. Teddy Perkins is FUCKING TERRIFYING.
  15. The one celebrity that died in 2016 you’d bring back? (There can be only one!) Probably go for Cohen, given Lemmy died just shy of 2016. Favorite TV show you binge watched in 2016? Stranger things/Luke Cage/Daredevil S2 lasted about a day each. Favorite TV show you watched week to week in 2016? Motherfucking Westworld. Favorite comedy film of 2016? Torn between Central Intelligence and Hail Cesar. Favorite action/sci-fi film of 2016? Jungle Book? Jungle book. It was the tits. Favorite drama film of 2016? Probably Manchester By The Sea Favorite video game of 2016? Genuinely haven't
  16. Changed panties Went school Murdered 4 people with screwdriver Expelled on 1st day What do?
  17. All about that paper boi! Been watching this since the get go. The latest episode was a fucking amazing tongue in cheek look at TV talkshows and advertisements. One of the better things I've seen on TV in a while.
  18. Went to see War Dogs the other day. The trailers really sold this short as I went in expecting a buddy comedy of errors, but ended up seeing a film that balanced funny and serious very very well. One of the better films I've seen all year.
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