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So, that happened.

Recent Comic & show spoilers:


I binged the first five episodes and was pleasantly surprised it picked up in quality from S8, which may be the worst of the series. I'm excited to see Carl reincarnated as Judith and what a Rick-less Alexandria will be like. I'm wondering if Ezekiel will have some grey in those dredds now that we've jumped fwd like the comics--I'm guessing he'll have his head on a spike by the end of the season. Also, I realized that even though there's no more Rick on TWD, Aaron is now taking the roll of the bearded, armless guy from the comics.



As for Rick, my guess is he's headed for the Commonwealth from the comics. Michonne will be reunited with him there instead of her daughter. But I guess that's happening in a series of TV movies and not on the show.


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