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You know, despite the fact that Troy Duffy is probably one of the biggest assholes who's ever been given a chance to write and direct a movie, he did one hell of a job with the first one. I watched the documentary "there's more than one way to shoot yourself" and admittedly i was appalled at how badly he treated everyone who was helping him. It's still a good and entertaining movie though.


Hopefully he pulls it off a second time, but with no Dafoe and a "hot chick" prancing around in tight but business like clothes...eh. not doing it for me. I'd rather see a grunt cop from the first movie ending up being his successor. This has "hollywoodized" all over it, it's like they had to put some eye candy in it to make it a good movie. So I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

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Do we need DeFoe again? His role in the last movie said that he's really not going to be hunting them anymore and what's he gonna do, run around in drag helping them the whole movie? They've got the two of them, Billy Connely (who I almost bet will die toward the beginning), Stunt Rocko, some other guy, and if I understand it right Rocko will be appearing in flashbacks. I don't see why DeFoe's character needed to be in this movie at all.

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It's not that dafoe isn't in the movie. I loved Dafoe in the first movie,but no, he didn't make the movie. What rubs me the wrong the way is the successor. i would have much rather seen one of the detectives/ police officer, become his successor. Not a peice of eye candy. who knows, I could be completely wrong, and i really hope i am. maybe it will still be awesome...


And yes, THANK YOU DUFFY for more Connely, even if it's a small part, i don't care!

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Yeah the successor was forced but the original movie was sorely lacking in strong female characters (or weak female characters for that matter, wasn't Rocko's girlfriend the only woman with a speaking part? Her and the coach from Porky's? The first movie really was a sausage fest) I can see it working well if they do it right and I've yet to see anything that says they won't, so who knows.

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Did anyone see the movie? I know I did. Evidence below:



I look like a tool because we just got out of the movie and it was FUCKING AMAZING. He made a special trip to Houston for the premiere while the rest of his crew were in Dallas because he's a Houston local.

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bindu: is that troy duffy....?


with rottentomatoes giving this one 22% (critics hated on the first one, i recall) im a bit worried here, hearing hondonians say its awesome gives me hope.


Nah it's Sean Patrick Flanery. Troy was in Dallas for the premiere and Sean was supposed to be with him but instead he drove down to do the premiere here in Houston.

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one above average action scene and a few funny jokes aren't enough to save this one. i wasn't a big fan of the first one, but i'd rather watch it ten times before i see this one again


comes out early next month on dvd if you too would like to lose 2 hours of your life.


bindusara, nice pic despite it all.

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fuck the asians haters


finally got around to watching this one since gunsmith's stingy ass wont share his blu-ray, heh. not as good as the first & definitely more goofy at points, but im glad this one finally made it out, just to see the boys in action again. darla/rita wasnt as bad as feared, though i find her about as sexy as i do genuinely southern, personally...

dafoe's surprise cameo (not to mention his proposal) was also awesome, almost makes up for losing connely.





*edit for wiki info:


In an October 27 article, director Troy Duffy and actor Billy Connolly mention details regarding a possible third film in the series. They maintained that "it is slowly in the works and is still just an idea". Duffy insists that he wants to get a few more of his films done before returning to the Boondock Saints. The article also mentions a possible comic detailing events preceding the first film, such as a more in depth exploration of Il Duce and his rise to prominence. Duffy also added that the proposed working title for the third film would be called Boondock Saints III: Saints Preserve Us.


A two-part comic book story, serving as a companion to the movie sequel, is scheduled to release in May 2010. The series is written by Boondock Saints creator, Troy Duffy, produced by Innfusion Inc. and released through 12 Gauge Comics. The Book will focus on a more in depth version of Ill Duce's back story as well as telling the story of the brothers during a hit they performed that is not featured in the film. This will also be paired with a mini book that will be featured on the official Boondock Saints website that will tell a mini story that takes place before the strip club scene from the first film. These will eventually be released in one single graphic novel. Another story is currently being proposed that would show the brothers time in Hoag Prison after the events of All Saints Day


pss bindu's a pimp for that shot.

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