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"I really shouldn't speak on this, but..."


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thing is, when we get together locally (a number of you are gonna see this, soon :love: ) we tend to talk shit and ask questions about all kindsa hondonians and gossipy secrets. shameful, i know! personally, im good at keeping a secret but only if you tell me it is such. TRUFAX.


that said, i know not everyone can attend and be part of the chickenhead magic. so, while im :lush: (and only then! or others responding, THATS THE RULE so you can have something to blame past the fact this is in crap shack so you know, free pass?) i declare this thread a hondos-gossip thread, within reason.


ask away! ill uh, say what i can and deal with the consequences when im sober. this will totally not start civil war 2.5, honest.

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37,000 posts? What, do you have no life? 21,000 mean you were cool, but 37,000 is just excessive.


As for rumors, I hear Panch has the clap.


6k posts means people think they know you, but don't.


As for a rumor, it has gotten back to me that I have tried to bed countless women on this forum. I only know of a measly half dozen.

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