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alright, bear with me here - trying to flesh this out and not overly-complicate it. thing is, we've had some really awesome recommendation threads (rhoulette wheel was particuarly awesome) but sometimes sharing/uploading is tricky, and getting the people you think might dig it to give it a go even trickier. given that a metric fuckton of songs are on youtube now, i wanted to try something. Here's how it goes:


The Rules


You post a track, and aim it at someone, basically saying "i think you'd dig this."


If they do: 5 points

If they don't: 0 points

If it's some shit they never knew about and they're all about it/say they're gonna go listen to more of the artist (cause you put them onto something they really liked): 10 points

If it's something they loathe & now question your judgment ( :pumppump: ) or its flagged as cheap cause it was so obvious (i.e., HEY HAKU HERE'S THIS NEW SINGLE "TELEPHONE" BY GAGA, I THINK YOUD LIKE IT?!"): -5 points

optional: if someone else in the thread really likes your track, we could give you a +1 point for that.


also, once you listen to a song, it's your turn to post another one to whoever you like. if the person you posted it for doesn't respond in 3 full days (or the next person just doesn't have anything to post), we move onto whoever posts next. obviously, its up to you to PM said person if they're sleeping on the thread, but if they show up much later and give it a go, the points still count.

oh, and obviously, we're on the honor system here, that you actually gave it a spartan go & listened to the whole track. that said, if you cant make ti past the early bits, its safe to say its a -5 for you anyway.

Let's see who really knows music, and the (possible) tastes of their fellow board members!





to start: ive been trying to get alive she cried onto this one (dont think ive seen a response yet), let's see if i get a response this time...so certain he'd dig it, but i could be wrong!


Curtis Mayfield - (Don't Worry) If there's a hell below, we're all gonna go


*edit: goddammit so of coruse the first song i choose is somehow not on youtube worth a crap...i promise my next one will be more accessible, but this shit's not even that esoteric!

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what if you post a music video, they hate the song but dig the video? i.e fx/eye candy (think Beyonce). or will this just strictly be music? Is there a point counter? or do we keep track of our own points? can we redeem our points? if so what for? multiple songs per post? will there be a point multiplier? (same person likes a song- 5p, two in a row- 10p, three- 30p and so on until the multipilier breaks).


how official is this gonna be sir?



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oh god i was trying to keep this shit Pong and you're making it Lumines aren't you


ok, fair questions, here goes:


1) nah, we'd need a music video thread then! you gotta score based on the song.

could totally do a music vid game one day if there was interest, though!


2) was gonna leave it up to each individual poster to keep track (people can always call BS and go back & count if they want) unless someone volunteers to keep score.


3) yes! you can totally redeem your points.

for bison dollars. ok, mebbe we can work on this part.



4) i hadn't even thought of point multipliers. i like it, though...if people play & dont think its unfair or math is too hard or something, i'm down.


5) mad official. like, if another one crops up, i'm going to shit on it & leave it in the crap shack to be pointed at & mocked for being some ol' Prima unauthorized bullshit to this total Nintendo Player's Guide.

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+ 5 Nick


I love the bass line, lyrics are pretty good too. I remember you posting this before and I kept meaning to go back and listen but I forgot about it. Glad you reminded me.


Now I know I should probably nominate someone else but I've been tryin' to get you into Waits for the longest time and this is the perfect opportunity.


For Nick:


Tom Waits - Fumblin' With The Blues




P.S. this is pretty much what I was thinking of making here, a thread that makes people listen to the music posted, but also stops the thread from getting overcrowded.

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+5 to ASC - not my favorite of what i've heard of Waits (and you're not getting a 10 cause ive got some of his shit, anyway :2T:), but it'll do, whilst i wait day after day for my cultural care package :misty:


in the interest of keeping things movin': next turn goes to ray-ray.

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+ .5 to MH (are we doing this? did we agree on giving 1/2 or 1 point or what if you dug a song that wasnt recommended for you? what do you guys think?) - either way, i shouldve expected theyd have an industrial sound, but i didnt and it was a really good track.


Sen dug it too, will likely say so herself soon - i think she's working on who to recommend what next, has about 1 more day left, after which (making this up as we go!) points will still count but after the 3 day mark, someone else gets the next turn so the game doesnt get held up.

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The first post says she gets +1. This only applies if someone isn't already familiar with the song though, yeah?


exactly. ok then, 1 point it is - goes for anyone else who checks out a song (whey they dont have to) and likes it.

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+5 to DoJ; i've heard this one, but i didn't know the name, not bad. that oughta be enough to get you out west for h-con 2, if you're comin. :2T:


passing my turn back to poor bindu who didn't read the rules:


For Metalheart/Little Lund (based on a true story):


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well, i passed my turn to him, so it's his turn now...feel free to give him whatever points he's earned, then its on you (unless you pass it to another in this thread!)...hope i didnt confuse anyone.

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