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Hondo's T-shirts: wave 3

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but what suggestions are there? And would it drive up the cost much starting on a different base shirt?


Truth be told I have no idea if it would drive up the cost.


If it doesn't drive up the cost here's what the shirts may look like in red or blue.


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again though, that's what held us up a great deal last time. we get an exact headcount (sizes and # on jersey is good, but isn't needed for this step), i get a price quote, one of you guys gets/fronts as a benefactor, money's sent, order comes in a bit later, everyone's happy (until they realize they're waiting on their shit till h-con 2, heh). if i have to collect & keep tabs on who's ordered what/how many, who hasn't paid yet, how to reach them etc i'm telling you this will bleed into next year, like the last order did.


you even replied to that. deal's same as it was before: i'm holding down the fort here, i'm not going to spot for a 3rd order and then try to hound people to collect, or wait on every single one of them to send first - if someone else is down for either, we're gravy.

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if i have the money, i send the money, shirts happen. it's really not on me.

someone either offers to spot for a full order, i spend a few days trying to reach the recluse who runs the shirt factory, exchange happen & he promptly prints & sends them, or someone collects slowly and does the same thing when everything's accounted for.


I'm not going to weigh in and say "next week is the cutoff for this order" because the more people that go in on it, the smaller the total amount will be (good with 15, likely cheaper at 20, etc). so it's not my call to make, whoever fronts should do that.

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The JZA(XL)20 -JZA

Sexy Hat(L)1/3-JZA

Bindusara -JZA

Master Star (M) 5 -Star

Snowflake (s) 26 -Star

Amynicole -Ames

Metalheart -Ames


TheLogan -Logan

Special K -Logan

Gene Shalit -Logan





So this is the last update for t-shirt orders. If anyone else is down, speak up. Then get ready to pony up some monies to Logan.

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