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Trekkie loses Star Trek flat to ex-wife in divorce


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no lnk, because you shouldnt visit the daily mail.



When Star Trek obsessive Tony Alleyne was separated from his wife, he embraced the chance to turn their old flat into a recreation of the inside of the Starship Enterprise.


But the 58-year-old's painstaking efforts may have been for nothing.


His ex-wife wants to sell up - and she intends to offer buyers a more conventional looking home.


Mr Alleyne has spent the last ten years transforming the one-bedroom property into a sci-fi fantasy, with a computerised flight deck, flashing lights and even 'transporters'.


He is devastated by the news that his ex-wife Georgina wants to sell the flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire, where he has been living by himself since their break-up.


'Trekkie' Mr Alleyne said it would cost at least £100,000 rebuild the interior elsewhere, according to The Sun.


He said: 'To say I'm gutted is an understatement. It is my life's work — and it looks like it's going into a skip. I admit there were tears.'








oh, i got jokes, but honestly, that looks like some real effort went in there.

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Don't you bring Dave Sim into this. I have a hard enough time explaining to people that having ...alernative theories on the nature of the genders doesn't mean he hates women.

Buuuut yeah, this does seem like a move born far more out of emotion than critical thought. She probably just wants to hurt him.

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I've seen video on this guy and his flat somewhere before. Can't remember if it was in Trekkers doc or some youtube vid. Anyway, this guy's situation still seems unclear from the article. Was he paying his ex rent, was it their flat prior to the divorce, and most importantly (as Jay pointed out) is his ex a fickle bitch?

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Here's what comes off as spiteful to me: she wants to spend money and gut it so that she can sell it. There's enough fanbase here where she could list it online as "Home for sale, interior is recreation of the starship Enterprise circa Next Generation" and certain people would just start throwing money at the computer screen.


I would understand if she planned to live in it, but it sounds to me like she's just trying to hurt the guy. Even if it wasn't his, I'm sure he'd prefer someone else had it than it be destroyed.

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