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The Cabin in the Woods

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Whedon and Goddard accused of stealing movie premise


In the complaint, Peter Gallagher (no, not that Peter Gallagher) claims Whedon and Goddard took the idea for The Cabin in the Woods from his 2006 novel The Little White Trip: A Night In the Pines. He's suing for copyright infringement and wants $10 million in damages.

Gallagher is basing his claim on the works' similar premises: Both feature a group of young people terrorized by monsters while staying at a cabin in what is revealed to be (spoiler alert) a horror-film scenario designed by mysterious operators. Read the full complaint.

Gallagher also alleges similarities between the characters' names and personalities — his book's blond Julie and shy Dura and the film's Jules (Anna Hutchison) and Dana (Kristen Connolly), and handsome and scatterbrained men in both works — and certain scenes involving the characters finding strange items in their respective cabins and discovering hidden cameras.

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Somebody just wants people to read his pretentious-ass book.


"They say that killing with a knife is the sex of murder. Two bodies coming together, opening the skin of another, the heat produced and lost by it all. To the real killer, there can be no other way. My friends deserved more of a chance than they were given - victims all do - but they seldom get it.... We had just graduated, and not even a week had grown from that date when our paths were cut short. I watched it happen. Even before the first strike, I saw it all going down. I accept the guilt for the part I played, the times I never spoke up, and the lies that I believed. But like I said before, what happened to us doesn't happen to anyone, so how could I have been expected to act differently. It's not until you actually see the knife go in that you really understand what you're into. I did that. I watched them die, and in the end, with my life one of the few and fleeting, I stepped into his world, a world where the fatal blow is merely a checkmate, and killing is just a game. This is our story, how it used to be and how it all ended up." - Synopsis of The Little White Trip: A Night in the Pines: Reloaded: The Squeakquel

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Jesus this was 3 years ago!?


They want a sequel.


Goddard claimed that Lionsgate had approached him about a potential second Cabin movie, saying, “the studio wants to do it. They’ve come to us ... The funny part is, I don’t think we planned that movie to do a sequel, you know?”


Probably not gonna happen, and if they did it I'd rather see a prequel, cause... well you know. (What happened in '98?)

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They want a sequel.






I'm rewatching this now and I'm mulling over this idea I think would be pretty awesome:


So obviously (FUCKING SPOILERS FOR A 4 YEAR OLD MOVIE) any franchise continuation would have to be a prequel given the world was destroyed. I think it would awesome to have a Ghostbusters-esque type movie. A group that works for the underground goes around the world fighting and capturing the creatures locked in the cubes. It would start waaaaay in the past with one of the first monster hunts (or maybe the origin of the zombie redneck family torture family) and showing the old timey folks locking them up. Jump to the present where we meet a team of monster hunters on a new mission to capture.... a werewolf or something. We see a short "scenario" featuring the wolf successfully entertaining the ancient ones. Then there's like a montage of different monster hunts/scenarios using said monsters.


The main conflict involves a close call scenario where the underground has to throw multiple monsters at a particularly crafty group of victims. This goes parallel to the monster hunting team trying to hunt one of the nastier creatures to throw at the victims, and ends with a successful scenario. A down to the wire type thing. It would be like a really dark Ghostbusters with the end of the first CITW stretched throughout the movie.


That's a messy synopsis, but I wanted to get that out of my head... It probably doesn't sound as cool as it does in my head, but I would love to see it.

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I'd enjoy the videos if like 75% of the things they're whining about weren't things that would make sense if they'd stop trying to come up with snarky things to say and actually watch the movie.  This form of movie reviewing (and it is movie reviewing, the cinema sins guy who says it's "satire" is dumb.  Satire is insightful and funny, cinemasins is not) is thankfully dying out, it even got fastlaned when a lot of the guys who still do it got outed as sexual predators.  Cinemasins can go on top of the heap next.  If you're going to bitch and moan about movies on the internet, even as a "joke", at least do your fucking job and watch the movie.

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