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The Cabin in the Woods

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Saw this Sunday. I enjoyed it very much.


This site has a list of all the horror movies that came out in 1998, or at least a pretty comprehensive list.



The Chem department fucking up certainly means that the personality archetypes were against orthodoxy, so The Faculty makes more sense than Phantoms.


So, it is just me, but if everyone one of these sacrifices requires a fool, wouldn't they have discovered before 2012 that pot inoculates someone from the effects of their behavior-altering gases? Or did Marty have some kind of special pot?


Also, does this mean Sigourney Weaver is going to be the surprise celebrity cameo at the end of all self-referential genre-satires from now on?



Believe the hype on this flick. Check it out, peoples.



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Maybe Marty is just more dedicated to pot than anyone else on the planet. And I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought of Paul when Sigourney showed up. To be fair, I think this one was made first.


Yes, Cabin was finished filming before Hemsworth was even cast to play Thor in the Thor movie, in early 2009. But the comparison wasn't meant as a knock on the flick. It worked well in both movies.

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Not reading anything else in this thread to avoid spoilers, just came to let you all know that even though we got Avengers a week early, my country is still a flaming piece of shit




I don't know how to hotlink into sentences anymore.

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first you write a sentence, then you highlight the sentence, then you hit the button to link that sentence


ps sorry ya'll arent getting this one, please believe as soon as there's a screener/DVD copy online this thread will show it

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I finally got around to seeing it. Our local theater was down to one showing a day, so I knew it'd be gone by next weekend. Anyway, it was a lot funnier than I expected. Like Baytor wrote earlier, the last 20-30 minutes of this film is custom made for hi-def, frame-by-frame viewing. I saw it w/ my cousing and his friend who'd seen the film earlier and wanted to see it again in the theater for just that reason--those last, 20 minutes.


....so it turns out lindsay was right.



unicorns > merman


Yes! The sound effect was the best part though.


And a question for those who've obviously thought about the film a lot more then I have:



Were the horrors contained in the glass boxes servants of "The Ancients" or just various nightmares contained over time? And did the sacrifices have to be killed by one of them? If the latter is the case then how would the virgin killing the fool complete the ritual, wouldn't it have to have been done by Patience?


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My guess: nightmares over time. Also, since choice was a heavy factor the monsters were involved, because the other option would have them being killed by people. My guess is that this would have those running the program less comfortable, and make it harder to recruit people they could trust.

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Well if the Hell Lord is anything like the thing he's based on he just looks really badass and then gets his bitch-ass kicked in a very anticlimactic fight with a fat guy who has a tentacle growing out of his head. And the Sugar Plum Fairy (I prefer here alternate name: Ballerina Dentata) is pretty self-explanatory. Still wish I could find out what The Huron is.

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I just wanna know what the fuck Kevin was.


And my gripe with the needing to this movie(since noone else seems to have mentioned it in four pages) is

the fool being such a cunt. Seriously, shit like that is why I want your species to end(but then I thought about it and his selfish actions kinda brought things to that conclusion so now I'm a little torn). Seriously though, lame ending. I'd have much rather seen the situation contained, virgin gets an important life lesson on the greater good and there's room for a sequel.


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