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Favorite comic characters that aren't the obvious ones.


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I bet you can't figure out my favorite character ever. No shit, its fuckin Spider-Man. Duh! But I bet you didn't know I also love...




Barracuda. Punisher MAX villain. Badass motherfucker that gives Galactus a run for his money. He's strictly MAX, but I've always wanted to see him in the regular 616 (he makes an appearance in a Marvel Noir book, but it was just supporting). Luckily, I get the feeling we'll see him again in Fury MAX :)

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Who negged my post?


I don't neg on principle, but... it's fucking Barricuda.




He is the worst character in anything ever, more racist than the entire Luke Cage MAX book, and stupider than even anything Mark Millar has done. I don't want him to be in the 616 because my one comfort is knowing that his hacked to pieces and burned body will never EVER come back.



I support bugfucker love, is that from Tales to Thrizzle?

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That's from Eightball #7.


One of the many books I've tried to push here but have been largely ignored. I'm a patient man though, unlike NZA - who throws a fuckin' prima donna hissy fit if he finds out it's his suggestions aren't immediately acted upon ( I read Daredevil, by the way, you limp dick faggot (I need more wine. I like me on wine)).


It's fine readin' axels. You're one of the good ones.

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Ah, I've long ago stopped paying attention to your "Old Man Logan shouting at the kids in the street from the safety of his fenced in lawn" posts. I read American Splendor, Black Hole, Milk and Cheese, and Tales to Thrizzle, so you can't complain of my tastes ever. That is the rule.

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And Miracleman! You're the ONLY dude who read Miracleman. And, as the resident Alan Moore critic, you enjoyed it. Which SHOULD speak volumes to the people who actually LIKE the guy, but NOOOOO.


That earns you infinite props.


Nice! I've found my next amazon item. 6.99 has to be worth it.


What's it reprint? Throw up a link.

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Ah, ok. It looks like that takes all the little stories that fill in between the big ones and collects them all. Pretty cool. I'm sure there are a lot of the gems in there.


I'd also recommend Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron and Pussey!


Anyone who's something of a comics history buff would get a kick out of the Young Dan Pussey stories.


Of course, ultimately I recommend just reading the issues. That's what the downloaders should do.

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