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Interview with Marc Webb


SHH: You've really focusing on Electro as far as the preview stuff, like the cover of Entertainment Weekly and the teaser clip, so will the people tomorrow see some of the Rhino? Do you have some of that finished and done because I know that's fairly CG-heavy as well.

Webb: There won't be any Rhino in that footage because there's too much work to be done there, but listen, Electro is the main villain. Rhino sort of makes a teasing appearance in the film in a very calculated and careful way, but the main villain in this movie is Electro and you get a real sense of the power and magnitude of that villain. Electro to me was somebody I was always curious about, because he's inherently cinematic, or has that potential, not in the comics necessarily but some of the ones I really love, he has that quality. There is something terrifying and God-like about Electro. He is elemental in the way that Poseidon or Zeus is—you feel a sense of bigness about him. He's somebody who just his touch has the power of a thousand third rails and will obliterate anybody near him. I think it's incredibly exciting to play with that kind of power. Spider-Man's greatest weapon is that web and when he shoots a web at Electro, there's a current and webs are conductive and that's going to pose some real issues for Spider-Man so I thought that was a really fun villain to unleash on New York and on Spider-Man.


SHH: Absolutely. One of the concerns some of our readers have is because they know there's two villains as well as introducing the Osborns that there will be some of the problems when there are too many villains. You've already said the focus is on Electro, but what do you want to say to these readers who are worried this will be like "Spider-Man 3."

Webb: Eh. Don't worry about it. Rhino is in a couple scenes, you know, so he's a really terrifying and a fun villain, but Electro is our main foe.

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