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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Yeah it looks like it. I think The Ultimate universe really was a Godsend for Hollywood, they already worked out how to less sillify all of these characters. And if you look, on a character by character basis, almost all of those that look like their 616 counterparts also do so in the Ultimate universe as well.

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Looks like they've got themselves a Spider-Man




Gorgeous Pics Of Spidey's New Costume On THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Set



Today, our favorite neighborhood wallcrawler was seen on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He was actually clinging to a building located in New York's financial district. Plus, director Marc Webb has tweeted at new image of guards at the Ravencroft facility.


nailbiter111 - 4/23/2013

<center> VHraOOd.jpg




Thanks to the heads up from Beast17saBAbwB06.jpgIH5homN.jpguXCOSh4.jpgiin1plF.jpgrM2mxlT.jpg




Day 54. Ravencroft Christmas card



Read more at http://www.comicbook...U8M41Ut8LVCt.99


Albino black guy


What is that from? And why does he look like Matt Damon?

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Nazi Albino black guy.

What is that from? And why does he look like Matt Damon?


I too would like to know where that is from, and why he is wearing what looks like an 'SS' collar.



That is the best version of the Spidey suit yet in live action.


I'll go one further and remove the yet from your post Jax. This is the apex predator of live action Spidey suits. A million years from now, that live action spidey suit will still be stalking the wilds of urban Manhattan just as it is today. There is no way for nature to improve on it's sublime beauty.

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These pics reveal possible plot spoilers regarding Gwen Stacy's fate in TASM2...






How you doin'?







How dis pics spoilery?



She was hurled off a bridge in this outfit in the comics. But Spidey is likely gonna save her only to snap her neck if it's like this issue:




Panch or some other comic fan can correct me, but it's the sudden stop from the webbing that kills her in the comic, right?






Just checked myself on wikipedia...



Seems the comics leave it ambiguous as to whether Gwen was dead before she was hurled or if the webbing did it. No telling how the film will play it though. Also, I had no idea about that stuff w/ Gwen and Norman hooking up and having kids. WTF? That's so creepy and just. . .fucked up. Harry, I can see maybe, but why old man Osborne? I hope the films stay faaaaar away from that shit.


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spoilered ALL the pics cuz ninnies be likely to ninny.
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Re Haku's Spidey spoilers-ish?


The Osborn stuff was only done in the last five years, and One More Day will gain a lot more credibility as an event if only it undoes unnecessary bullshit like that.


Wiki sez Straczynski tried to undo it and bring back Gwen w/ OMD, but editorial nixed the idea. Apparently the son has already showed up post-OMD ret-con in the comics.

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Here's the gallery for that scene










The more I look at Spidey's new costume, the more silly it looks. It'll probably look better in motion, but it looks kinda low budget right here. I wonder if this rhino is going to go all out rhino suit, or they are just using him in a sort of cameo secondary villain for act one or something. Kinda show what Spider-Man has been dealing with since the last movie.

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