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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


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A few little movie details.


Zero Dark Thirty star Jason Clarke has signed on to star in the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the Matt Reeves-directed followup to 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The news arrives courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter and the article also makes note of a few minor plot details.


Dawn, the outlet reports, is set 15 years after the events of Rise and finds most of humanity wiped out and the intelligent apes ruling over the world. Part of the film's focus is said to be on a small group of San Francisco-based scientists that are forming a resistance against the apes and part follows Andy Serkis' Caesar as he, like his namesake, tries to maintain order and power within his new civilization.


Featuring a screenplay by Scott Z. Burns, Amanda Silver, Rick Jaffa and Mark Bomback, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters on May 23, 2014.


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Dawn, the outlet reports, is set 15 years after the events of Rise and finds most of humanity wiped out


Shit, man. The original five movies also had a jump from the genesis of intelligent apes but with human civilization still dominant in the 4th film (Conquest of the Planet of the Apes) to years later when Ape civilization is dominant in the atrocious 5th film (Battle for the Planet of the Apes). I want to see how the Apes take down the humans, god dammit!

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I want to see how the Apes take down the humans, god dammit!



I was hoping the follow up to ROTPOTA (Also the name of a beetle indigenous to Madagascar.) would be the initial battles and guerrilla Heh. tactics Caesar and his clan would use to overthrow and enslave humans. I guess the virus credit sequence in ROTPOTA is as close as we'll get to it though, Jax. Meh.

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I don't think the apes enslaved humanity in those 15 years, they probably just chilled out in the redwoods while humanity slowly died off from the virus. Not much of a movie premise there. This will probably be those apes now coming back and finding humanity mostly gone. And besides, the apes needed time to achieve second generations and continue to learn how to talk. I find no issue here.


You all wanted to see the war between humans and machines go down in Terminator as well and you saw how that turned out.

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I don't think it was a war, but I think there's a movie there. Environmentalists/humanitarians protesting their right to exist peacefully, and surely the people who feel strongly otherwise. Turning the redwoods into a protected reservation of sorts. How they interact with the human world, if at all, and how it reacts to them. How Caeser runs his new civilization.


Just sayin'. Or maybe the virus hits like 10 minutes after the end of the first movie and there's not much to talk about. They just chill for 15the years.

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They shot here in New Orleans last month, so apprently there will be some sort of urban chase sequence/scene. Here's what they wanted for extras/background actors...



All background must be physically fit and/or athletic. Running will be involved!

Hair Don'ts:

  • No faded clipper cuts on Caucasian or ethnic hair (start growning out your hair)
  • No hair that appears colored
  • No chemically straightened ethnic hair
  • No visible hair products

Hair Do's:

  • Afros or grown out ethnic hair
  • Natrual greying hair on younger people
  • some dread locks on ethnic hair (ok)
  • grown out looking hair cuts on men
  • bald heads (ok) - or even grown out evenly from bald
  • no blown out hair - leave it in natural clean curly or wavy state

Makeup Don'ts:

  • No Veneers
  • Artificial Nails
  • Facal Piercings
  • Color Contacts
  • Tattoo Eye Brows or Eyeliner

Makeup Do's:

  • Beards/Moustaches for Men
  • Missing and/or Stained Teeth
  • Men with 2-3 day of beard growth
  • women natural eye brows
  • no makeup - cleaned face
  • no nail polish

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I kinda felt Rise's August release date in 2011 was evidence that Fox didn't have much faith in it, as August is often a dumping ground for big-budget duds (kind of like January), and that they were kinda caught off guard by its critical and box office success. I'm happy to see a May release date, as to me it demonstrates confidence in the film.


Anyway, as Rise was a pseudo-remake of Conquest, this one appears to be a pseudo-remake of Battle, unquestionable the worse of the original 5 films, the only one which I found to be outright boring. But there is no reason this one would have to be. They've changed the mythology enough that they can practically go in any direction they want (as long as the Apes win, of course). I'm curious if they decide to make another sequel if they will jump to straight to remaking the next of the original films in the original time frame, that being the first Apes film when Astronaut George Taylor lands back on Earth (they teased his launch in Rise). Or will they go forward in time further with Caesar's story?

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Dr. Zaius shouldn't be born for a few hundred years. I mean I know that Caesar wasn't born of a time traveling Zira and Corneleus but I just like to think that just means the current Caesar is Caesar zero and this is the start of the time loop.

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