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Following up on their announcement of a new Secret Wars by the creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribicl aunching in May of 2015, Marvel gave out the first details to USA Today.


Marvel Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort called Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars "overwhelming huge," describing it as the "biggest thing" Marvel's ever done.


Brevoort went on to state that Secret Wars has been on the drawing board as far back as 2012 when Hickman took over the Avengers and New Avengers titles.


An image accompanying the article, painted by Alex Ross, depicts multiple versions of Marvel's top heroes -- Captain Americas, Thors and Iron Men -- as well as other notable heroes as well as some relative unknowns.


According to Brevoort, none of the characters depicted in the Ross image is random and all are pulled from Marvel's 75-year publishing history.


"However massive you think this is," Brevoort says," let me assure you it is bigger than that. It's by far the craziest thing I've dealt with."


I'll be honest; they're gassing this up & I'm guessing this ties into the incursion thing Hickman has going, but then there's currently an arc with Red Skill as Onslaught and even that didn't get me excited, so let's see if this event goes better.




aside: this is my favorite Secret Wars cover to date



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Never read the originals as much as a Marvel fan that I am. Stopped collecting about 2 years ago and actually sold off most my collection, still have my trades though.


Anywho last thing I picked up was DoW #2 I really dug it and the first ish. Great art, cool story. I've become a trade-waiter I suppose - if this is good I'll give it a read.


Now the Alex Ross pic is nice.

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so the teasers this week are pretty crazy, and i might have to dig up my last thread on this (might be gone now?) but let's look at what's going on in the Marvel U:


- Uncanny Avengers just saw tons of timelines (much of 2099, Supreme Power, etc) all but collapsed, with fan favorite characters only escaping.


- Spider-Verse has the Morlun family wiping out Spider-Men from every conceivable universe right now (we literally just saw the 70's cartoon cast get killed),


- Ultimate U seems all but done


- Comments in Hickman's books (Captain Britain says "I'm the only one left", etc) really showing a thinning of the herd


Hickman may've kinda launched this with his incursions, but I think it's pretty clear Marvel's shooting for some form of Crisis on Infinite Earths event next year. I don't know if them cleaning house has anything to do with minimizing characters/licenses they feel they have less control over (Fantastic Four, etc) but it's pretty clear that when they're done, 616 might have fewer neighbors.

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so, Avengers # 37 showed up today - answered some questions, asked a lot more. this incursion thing is pretty huge, surprised more of ya'll aren't running into it...meantime:






oh, and relevant to the gems failing to stop the incursions early on with Cap's attempt:



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Marvel (here's the Secret Wars site link)


This May, time has run out and Secret Wars, the landmark eight-issue event, is ready to shake the very foundations of the Marvel Universe as you know it. But first, on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 3 PM ET, we’re hosting the ground breaking SECRET WARS LIVE KICKOFF!


Fans can head to Marvel.com/secretwars to get their very first Secret Wars info straight from Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and SVP, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort streaming live from New York City’s own Midtown Comics next week! Prepare for the coming of a new Battleworld and learn the first details of the strange, patchwork realm playing host to countless separate realities!


The road to the biggest comic event of the year has begun, and you will not want to miss the first Earth shattering revelations that will have everyone talking! What will happen when Time Runs Out? What secrets does Battleworld hold? Tune in on January 20 for the answers to those questions and more.


A unique collaboration with Midtown Comics, the SECRET WARS LIVE KICKOFF can be viewed onMarvel.com/secretwars at 3 PM ET on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. For more details, keep your eyes peeled to Marvel.com and join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SecretWars.

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More ending stuff



During a live "Secret Wars Kick-Off" press event at New York City's Midtown Comics, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort confirmed that the eight-issue series Secret Wars will represent the end the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe.


"Once we hit Secret Wars #1, there is no Marvel Universe, Ultimate Universe, or any other. It's all Battleworld," Brevoort said.

"The Marvel universe will be Battleworld, and every single piece of those worlds will be building blocks for the universe," said Alonso, adding that all the universes represented in "Battleworld" will have "legs" moving forward.


But Alonso also teased the possibility of resurrections during the event. "If we wanted to resurrect Gwen Stacy," he said with a smile, "this would be the place to do it."


I don't know how you people keep up with this stuff. I need some sort of wikipedia injection for all of this shit.

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Stan Lee reacts to THE END of the Marvel Universe


If indeed the tried, true, and familiar Marvel Universe is going away, the man who helped breathe life into it is…perfectly okay with that.


Stan Lee is the father of the Marvel Universe, the man who co-created the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, Daredevil, and so many more mainstay Marvel characters. With the news that the mainstream Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe would collide in the upcoming Secret Wars, resulting in the formation of a brand new universe with elements of each, Lee is intrigued by the future a fresh start may bring.


“It’s probably good,” Lee said from his office in Beverly Hills minutes after Marvel’s announcement. “Anything they do that’s unexpected and different usually captures the attention of the fans. People will want to follow it to see what happens and where it will lead. Marvel cannot keep doing the same stories over and over again. You always have to come up with new angles and new approaches to things. I think it’s probably a good idea. It sounds intriguing to me.”



Lee admits that, yes, his heart remains back in 1961 and everything that has followed in the original Marvel U. “Of course I have an emotional attachment to the original Marvel Universe, because I was so involved in it,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean I expect it to be that way forever. It might be better under this new approach. I’m eager to see what might happen.”


A new broom can sweep clean, but upon quick reflection, Lee remains happy with the way he set things up in the Marvel Universe. Given the chance to start over…he’d keep things pretty much the way he did it in the first place.


“At the time, what I did, I thought was the right way to go, and maybe sometimes, even the perfect way to go,” Lee said. “I liked making the Fantastic Four superheroes without a secret identity. I liked the tragedy of Spider-Man’s origin, the ‘with great power, there must also come great responsibility.’ I thought it was the right way of doing things at the time. And I still like what I’ve done. I can’t think, off the top of my head, of anything I’d really want to change.”


But Lee understands that change is part of the natural order of things. “I was once the creative head of the company, but the company was smaller,” he said. “I don’t know what I would do if I was the creative head of the company today. I’d have to ponder that for a bit. I know that you always have to have surprises. You always have to make the reader say, ‘Wow, I never expected this!’ You have to keep doing that. It’s kind of become the Marvel tradition. If this continues that tradition, I’m happy for them all, and I’m happy for the fans.”

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Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso: "Everything you know about Marvel Comics is about to change"


Five years in the making, it’s the single biggest thing Marvel has done with its comics characters in its 76-year history, and according to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, it promises to change how it tells stories for decades to come.




There's been a lot of talk about how this may or may not be a reboot. My understanding is this is effectively changing the fabric of that multiverse but not necessarily the characters. Is that right?


Yeah, I'd say that’s what this is. It's ultimately for the readers to decide what they're seeing. What I will say is that we don't believe our continuity or our universe is broken. We don't believe it needs to be fixed. And I think that this story will bear that out. We have a tremendous opportunity here to transform the Marvel universe in a way that makes for incredible stories down the road, for the next 10, 20 years worth of publishing. This is an instance where we're going to be bringing into the Marvel universe new characters, new regions, new concepts, and, in certain cases replacing, out of necessity, some pieces that were on the board. And it's going to make this a lively debate on the internet and beyond.

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Do I gotta read any of the crap beforehand to enjoy this? I'm not saying I won't or don't want to or never will, and I'm sure it will enhance it.... I just want it to be optional.

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damn @ that spoiler image...net never lets me down with this stuff


Do I gotta read any of the crap beforehand to enjoy this? I'm not saying I won't or don't want to or never will, and I'm sure it will enhance it.... I just want it to be optional.


newt's not wrong about the seeds being planted - we saw some extremely heavy hitters laid to waste years back, with no time for an explanation, etc - but if nothing else, i mostly just read Avengers/New Avengers the last...6 months or so? i forget, they tied together really well to give you a picture of what had/was happening to lead here. i can get issue #'s if you like but basically as soon as you see the header "(X) Months Till Everything Ends!" start on those issues, you're there, read those if you can

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Marvel Universe to jump 8 months post Secret wars


“In the same way that events jumped forward in time eight months in 'Avengers' and 'New Avengers' during the lead-up to Secret Wars, so too when we enter the new Marvel Universe eight months will have passed for all of the characters as well," he said. "This provides our creators, even apart from Secret Wars, to drop into exciting new situations and status quos on the fly. So look for surprises and mysteries and changes galore as series resume in the new MU."



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I haven't been keeping up with comics like I'd hoped, this crossover included, but I read Planet Hulk just because of that cover. Not a bad story, not as good as the cover, but not bad.


Also, this seems like exactly what DC is doing with Convergence only somehow...more fun. Amiright?


Nick: should I catch up on Hickman's New Avengers before I read Secret Wars #1? Seems like the storyline in NA could be linked, but I am not sure how necessary it is to jump in to this crossover.

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Holy shit, Battleworld 001 brought back the version of The Punisher that was combined with Dr. Strange's astral spirit and turned into a vampire slayer when Wolverine turned the entire Marvel universe into vampires. (Also known as pretty much one of two good "What If" comics from back in the day)

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the other one's gotta be "What if Punisher killed Spider-Man?", love that one


Nick: should I catch up on Hickman's New Avengers before I read Secret Wars #1? Seems like the storyline in NA could be linked, but I am not sure how necessary it is to jump in to this crossover.


you should, it's enjoyable end-times shit and will set the stage a lot better, i imagine there's gonna be confusing stuff along if you dont cause a great deal of shit went down. one catch-up issue i saw actually included a specific issue of the classic 80's Secret War as well, that helped.


...though even if you do, issue # 2 is gonna be confusing, haha

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