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Say howdy to your newest deputies


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Da Cap'n 2099 & Axels are now supermods, able to assist with threads & such in any forum they please! Their distinguished careers as hondonians have officially been long & active enough where most of you have either forgotten or are entirely unaware of the numerous scandals they've been involved in/outright caused, so i predict nothing but smooth sailing here!


congrats to both of them, and much love for helping out around here.

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1 hour ago, Donatella said:


No snark or criticism intended, I’m just genuinely curious- why do you need so many mods? 


the idea is just to keep a staff of regulars/semi regulars capable of running the shop around - over the years, it's mostly been contextual/cosmetic user requests, but we've been hacked, invaded, TOS'd and otherwise dicked with a number of times,.so having staff here for general upkeep, gatekeeping and defense/early warning systems just seems natural now 


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