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Star Wars, Episode 8: The Last Jedi

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I thought Han would make it through the whole Sequel Trilogy. I figured he n' Chewie were too much of a pop-culture 'classic duo' and 'recognizable' to kill off or split.


"I was wrong."



I honestly didn't feel anything when he died - my brain said, 'Harrison just doesn't want to do this shit anymore.' LOL - 'here's his condition on appearing'...same w/ Mystique being in her 'Jennifer Lawrence mask' in like, 90% of Apocalypse. Took me out - obvious real-world catering to the actors...as opposed to actors committing full-hearted to a project - not just 'cuz o' money.


I mean, yes - they made it work, story-wise - but, eh. Who didn't want a Han n' Luke reunion?! Mystique in full-blue - saying 'fuck you' to 'normal'...at all times? Ah, well. I gotta feeling we're gonna get a Harrison cameo in a 'Han n' Luke flashback' - like, we'll get to see the very last time they saw each other...people would squeal seeing 'em onscreen together again - LOL - that'd be super-awesome.




Now that Fisher is gone - I'm sure they're gonna rework some story-points where she doesn't make it out of a situation or something. Man, it's crazy - of the trio, one gone in fiction and the other for realzies.


If Luke goes out -




I hope he doesn't go out like a punk, like Han did. WARNING! INCOMING FAN-FICTION:


When Han first spotted Kylo w/ his back turned to him - I would've loved for Han to instinctively go for his blaster - quietly unhooking the blaster strap, like in the Cantina Encounter. Then - thinks about it - n' visually, we see him go against instinct and consciously lets his blaster sit in it's holster and instead - try to appeal to his son's love...showing Han in full faith-mode (which, I would say - symbolize Han's overall character arch).


Han had given up on Kylo at that point - until he spoke w/ Leia. I think if Han had bumped into Kylo before his conversation w Leia and had the opportunity to smite Kylo - I think he would've taken the shot, before Kylo could kill anyone else. Instead, the music simply goes quiet - the scene aesthetically turns into the most perfectly-obvious 'incoming death scene' and Han just...walks into it - LOL! I would've liked more emphasis on Han knowingly and willingly walking into a very deadly situation - against his better instincts. Han visually letting his blaster sit - would've spoke volumes.


If Luke goes out - I hope it's a death scene worthy of the character.







EDIT: Added Hamill's reaction

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Looks like they're doubling-down on creature effects / animatronics. I'm hopefully seeing an effort here at having these Star Wars Episodes be something you don't see everyday / anymore in movies. A special cinematic event.


It all looks insane...I can't wait.


I mentioned this elsewhere - if they really wanted to, they could totally animate ships flying around n' doin' stuff on a cpu...then translate that data onto a camera and shoot physical models against bluescreen...I'd love to see the Falcon doin' crazy shit - knowing and seeing it's a physical model. The 'Star Wars' IP can have a very distinct look...and I think my brain is seeing an effort at being visually distinct here. Maybe this n' that 'Dark Crystal' Netflix bit will stir sum appreciation / demand for practical effects and physical models in big budget fantasy stuff again.

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