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Ant Man and the Wasp


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^yeah, i was just thinking that, is infinity gonna be everyone divided/on the run and that's how thanos rises up?  it's pretty comic book-y, seems likely to me


but showing some of that in between continuity here does make this one more exciting too 

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@The NZA, @Newtype and I caught this tonight and it was a lot of fun! It's so funny. Paul Rudd is as charming as ever. I just adore that man. I liked it as much as the first one.


A couple things annoyed me but it's really me nit-picking. Overall it's worth seeing in theaters!



I thought Ava/Ghost was a weak villain. When she's introduced, she's intriguing. But when we finally "meet" her and it feels like her exposition/back story goes on FOR-EV-ER, I quickly became bored with her. Her story was nothing new or interesting. And I thought it was silly that she had pigtails in her flashback so now grown-up Ghost wears messy pigtails and dark eye-liner because she's SO EDGY AND TROUBLED. Really shitty styling/costume design.


Also, there were too many things going on. We didn't need Ghost AND the feds AND Sonny's gang closing in as the timer ticks down on rescuing mom from quantum whateveritscalled. It was just too much.


All that being said, the fun action, humor and heart made it work overall!


That mid-credit scene though.



That was fucked up.


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This was a fun film as expected. Feige and the MCU team really knew what they were doing by putting this one after Infinity War. I really need to rewatch the first film before I can say if this one was better, worse, or on par, but my initial reaction was it was slightly better than the original. I think my biggest complaint would be that so much of the action was spoiled in the trailers. I also wished I would've seen this in IMAX-3D.


Also, is anyone else shocked how low the US box office was on this film? After Infinity war and the ad campaign to push this I was really surprised to see it do Solo numbers. In fact, it might even gross less than Solo domestically as Ant-Man is around $164million and Solo is at $212 million. Yet that dumpster fire with dinosaurs is already at $384million domestic. Pshh.

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