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Nostalgia is a near-endless mining source in gaming. Many companies often dig into their past and remaster or re-release whatever might bring back your childhood memories. Sony might be attempting to do just that, as they are internally considering making a PLAYSTATION CLASSIC, according to a recent interview.

Speaking with Mantan Web (and translated by ComicBook), Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO John Kodera (also known as Tsuyoshi) described the company's attitude towards making a PS1 packed with old games. He stated that the company was mulling over the idea of making a PLAYSTATION CLASSIC. However, he seemed to suggest that the company was only discussing the possibility.

"Our company is always digging up past assets," said Kodera in the translation. "I think there are various ways to do (a classic console). There have been discussions happening (within the company) on what kind of ways are there."


day 1 - here for lammy, incredible crisis, ape escape & all 

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most of ye down on early 3d prolly don't play them on old SDTV's as intended, so they're stretched & look worse than you recall. this would likely have an internal scaler to correct that. 


i love the shit out of PSX & Saturn 32 bit gen games. it was such a magical era.


what does date them for me is the lack of 2nd analog stick, though 

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...because the PSX had a badass library, and most people don't have that system anymore, much less a means to play it in the proper aspect ration/etc?  


man, i don't get y'alls reactions so far.  they could sell one of these with just konami or square's offerings that gen and it'd be incredible 

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I also want to say, I fully acknowledge my hypocrisy in owning an SNES classic and being indifferent towards this.... The same stuff could and should definitely be applied to Nintendo's current attitude towards their classics.


That said... If it's moddable I may bite. 


100 bucks is a bit steep for me though.

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i dunno, i'm kinda surprised - the heavy hitters (MGS, FF VII,  RE1, Tekken 3 etc) are here, but Persona,  IQ, Puzzle Fighter II, Mr Driller and such are neat to see.  oddworld, wild arms, syphon filter are welcome too.  


despite my wishlist, i didn't expect meany cult ones on here.  god knows if it was my call, it'dve had Um Jammer Lammy, Vib Ribbon, Incredible Crisis, Gunner's Heaven and a bunch of shit not many others would've wanted, haha

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