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your made up catch phrase


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OK...we all have shit that we say and noone else does...and we usually snicker at ourselves when we do say it...so what do you say or think that cracks yourself up?


I say 'PIMPTASTIC' when something is well...cool


when things are reallllly quiet in a group setting... I tend to say 'FRECKLE SPASM' or 'GOOGLEHEIN MILLER' really loud...sometimes I resort to 'HAIRSPRAY!!!'.


toothpaste can often be said in place of hairspray...

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I have the most shittastic catch phrases, but they go a little something like this:


"erg id derg..."






and any random word (usually the name of a basic household inanimate object (ie lamp, pan, etc.)) screamed out of the middle of no where. But Cj and I usually stick to poop or fart phrases.

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Okay - you gotta work with me on this one. It was concieved during a very stoned game of soccer on the PlayStation, where when a shot on goal was taken the phrase "YOU'VE GOT MAIL, BABY" would be screamed.


From then on in in evolved and began getting used in other circumstances.




"See dat ho, I be hittin' on, yo, yo, in da hizzie"


"Damn, you've got mail baby"


Now go forth and use ad nauseum, you'll fell all the better for it.

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I was known for saying...


Do you know why?



Because because, the butterfly fell off the tree and hit the Turtle on the head. Then the turtle crossed the street and got runned over by the camel, and then the camel spit on the toad and the toad exploded because the camels spit was salty...



really fast and showing emotions...I used to make people crack up with that.

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i got a phrase that never quite cought one!!!

you know how people say "are u shit'n me" or "r u kiddin me"

well how about "r u poopin in my mouth"

say it when you surprised scared or angry!!!!i gurentee you will agree "it works"!!!!



I didn't make it up, but I like the phrase "Don't shit in my mouth and call it a hot fudge sundae"

or the spinoff "Don't shit on my neck and call it a bowtie"

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i pretty much have this eccentric affair with odd phrases that slowly grow on other people i'm with for long periods of time.


my roommate (ex-) now uses 'uber' and the like but nobody around her at home knows what the heck she's saying...


also, attach -ness to everything... even if there's already a noun for it. it's not civility anymore... it's civilness. use until people question your english minor credentials.


calling things the bane of my existence is good. that's some funness right there.

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well anything can be middle werd incerted..


well thats just fan-fuckin-tastic , boo-effin-hoo , and dam-fuck it works well cuz its like 2 curses in 1


Tend to call people goober or sparky...and if they really effing piss me off, its jitterbug or nancy.... ya dumb fuckin nancy

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fe fi fo fum where the hell did you come from


people say where were you born... from my moms vagina.


I love to use police talk to when I am talkin to an idiot...


can you 10-09 your last I didnt catch all the 10-43. when I am 10-12x I need to 10-45 someone to 1043 them on your signal20 issue. If you have a problem with that I will signal05 you til you are signal07. Anyways I am 10-51 to my 1042 take care.

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well...its kinda from the depressing days of my life.


I used that name b/c I used to think I was last on everyones list...and that I was just a missing person. 'Noone even noticed' sorta deal. If I were to go missing, how long til someone realized? My bill collector going to miss me first...


:D sniff sniff


so I just kept the name.

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Well I used to be the odd man out, was always single, last one to be told anything, friend base was really small. I was just kinda on my own. I used to be rather depressed, but I have slowly moved away from that. I still fall back into the hole every soso, but I usually find myself out sooner or later. Plus I never figured anyone would ask about my name... so you caught me by surprise miss tussin!


anywho...back to you johnny!

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