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Hondo's Bar

Jock Scraps Sports Bar and Grill

Da Cap'n

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Whats up, y'all? Come on in!! Sit where ya like! Plenty of TV's to view ya favorite sporting events and more than enough booze to make even Pete Rose puke!!


It's the grand opening of Jock Scraps Sports Bar and Grill!!! Where jocks scrap all night and untill the wee hours of the mornin'!! Our 30 plus TV's broadcast 24 hours a day bringing you the best in sports entertainment!! From Baseball to Football!! Basketball to Hockey!! Boxing to Underwater Basket Weaving!!! We also have designated TV's showing ESPN to keep you updated on anything we might of missed!!


So grab a booth or a stool and get ready to cheer on your favorite teams to victory!!!!!

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Heya, all.


Bartender? Suppose I could get a Flaming Dreamsicle? It's equal parts vanilla Stoli and orange juice with a little ice. Keep 'em comin and I'll prolly just hand you my wallet.


And there's an extra $20 in it for you if you tell any of my enquiring employers who might call that I'm dead. And I said they could fuck off before I died. *2T*




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There y'all go...


Damn, this place is getting a little more packed everyday (the chicks wraslin' in the mudpit don't hurt)! I wonder if theres some other stuff that we can do to get some more peeps to come? What do y'all think?


Yo Gypsy, how bout if I tell your employers that you didn't die but GOT A BETTER JOB, because your skills where being wasted there? Yeah, I can say that your knowledge in Hydrophysics (I don't even know if that exists) landed you the vice-presidental position at some big ass company! Then I'll tell then that you'd be willing to come back if your boss was killed, you where given the position and a striper was apointed your secretary!! What do ya think?

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