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What is Your Favourite T.V. Show


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Since i dont have pay tv i have to download everything i want to see.


I started with Viva la Bam and Pimp My Ride.


Then i found a delightful show called American Chopper. I found out it was aired on the discovery channel.


I am now in the middle of downloading Monster Garage another discovery channel gem.


So what Y'all watching at the current.

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cool, i'd watch a few pimp my ride if i could.


currently, i'm watching or have watched (help me, i just started watching tv shows again and i can't stop!):



Six feet under


The Shield

Knight Rider


CSI Miami

Malcom in the Middle

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy





Sopranos (1-4)

Married with Children

Saved by the Bell

Full House (oh my gawwd!!)

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First few seasons were good, then it just turned into "who's gonna get ass-raped today".  I heard it went for six seasons, i still hope my backstabbin weasel irish guy made it out ok, and Atabizi got his. 


ps that weasel irish guy: also in Rescue Me, playing Leary's cop brother.

SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! I'm only @ season 3. I swear I'll arse-rape you if anyone spoils it for me!~!!!

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Hey Skeeter, always nice to meet a fellow Black Books fan. I saw Dylan Moran (aka Bernard Black) recently on a stand up tour. Really funny guy. Kind of like a slightly toned-down version of Bernard but still got the Irish mad-at-the-world-and-always-drunk kind of persona going on. Laughed my ass off :D

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Teen Titans! Wooo!


When there's trouble you know who to call...


Teen Titans!


From their tower they can see it all....


Teen Titans!


When the bad guys are on the attack, you can rest knowin they got your back, when the world is lozeing all control.....


Teen Titans, GO!!!!!!!








Um.. so yeah, I'm a big fan of the Titans m'self. It's between that and Justice League Unlimited and Foster's Home for Imgainary Friends.

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wow that's a large amount of hottness jax.


my favorite shows aren't on anymore. buffy and angel had decent runs, but american gothic, g vs. e, etc. all got cut short.


so now i watch discovery channel (american chopper, myth busters), and tlc (trading spaces, clean sweep, what not to wear). i also love south park, law and order svu, and unwrapped on the food network. mmm.

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