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Cool Album Covers

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Ok, here's my go at it, lemme apologize in advance to the modem folks out there...







Another classic.



This one's just too cool....



Fuckin great album, too.



Ha, before Jumbie 'could use it...



Great historical image, worked great for the album too.



Too damn famous not to mention...



one of my favoirtes, not sure if its a cover but fuck it.



And all the girlys say...:cowboy:'s pretty fly...



part of the inside booklet to VAST's first album.

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Thought I'd jump in on this.



predictable coming from me, yes, but it's an incredible album with great art.



The most underrated cd I can think of.  Great black and white photography used in the booklet and cover.  People who call the pumpkins "those 'rat in a cage' guys" need not apply


And brought to you by our favorite optomistic ball of sunshine, trent reznor...



couldn't see the thread run it's course without this one.




I can't say enough about this cd, radiohead is too damned good



heh, very cool cover to a very cool cd



Sure, joshua tree brings back more memories, but this is their coolest cover



if this one doesn't bring back memories, I dont know what does.

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The Stones get an award for pushing the album cover envelop with:

00465106.jpg and then 00042760.jpg


Cause I need at least ONE Rush one:


(That's a naked man and a man in a business suit on opposite hemispheres of the brain looking at each other)


I like this one, but it might be my affection for the music on the album that carries this one:



So obvious, yet so worthy of more recognition:



Damn that boy has an intense stare:



And of course:


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Two questions:


SoF, so is it Prodigy or THE Prodigy? The Music for the Jilter Generation cover says "The", but the others don't. Is it one of those gay name change things, like Matchbox 20 changing there name to Matchbox Twenty?


Junker, how is The Unforgetable Fire a better album cover than War? Look at that kid's eyes!

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