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Sigur Rós is an Icelandic post-rock band with melodic, classical and minimalist elements. The name is Icelandic for "victory rose" and is pronounced "see oor roce", or ['sɪɣʏr rous] in the International Phonetic Alphabet, although a more popular (and incorrect) variation in the English-speaking world is 'sigger ross' or 'sigger roy-ss'. The band is known for their ethereal sound and lead singer Jónsi's falsetto. Some of the band's contemporaries include Múm and Amiina; both of which hail from the same creative and vibrant Icelandic post-rock music scene.


These are one of my favorite bands... they are truly amazing, i really cant describe how great these are, their music just epitomises beauty in my opinion, such thought proviking music and enchanting and haunting lyrics, im not sure if they've really made it big over in america, but recently they've been constantly playing for me an dinspiring music...

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Well, I love em just for the Vidrar vel til loftarosa video that's available at their website. I actually D/L'd that and showed it at a gay film festival here.


I've gotten some of their other stuff on mp3. I find that some people can't get into it. LIke Jimmy Hendrix's feedback, it can sound like just highpitched noise if you don't open your head to the art.


But yeah, this music is transcendental in ways I've never experienced before. eerie, almost creepy in places and then like the singing of angels in others. I think part of its charm is that it doesn't go overboard trying to be all ethereal and lofty like Enya, for example. With sigur ros, I can hear lots of screechy sounds, and metalic hammer sounds and other weird shit and the end result is that they sound messy and real, which for me enhances the beauty.


Man, thanks to DoJ for making this thread, cuz since my final exams are over as of today, I'm gonna go on a sigur ros d/l spree.


FHD for you!

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If you are a member of Last.Fm (or not, you may be able to listen without an account!), they will be letting you listen to the new album before it's released(June 24)!


Last.fm Announcement

Sigur Rós

We thought you might like to know that you can now listen to Sigur Rós' new album ("Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" or "With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly") in full on Last.fm, two weeks ahead of its release date. We're really excited about this one so get listening and enjoy the music!

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Questions surrounding their sexuality notwithstanding, Sigur Ros is fucking great. If they're not the best at what they do, I don't know who is.


I'm a big fan of Takk especially. I wonder what they sound like live. Do they have any good live albums or dvds or anything like that?

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