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well, to keep it like the NES form, he'd have to be unbeatable unless you ran outta time and the judges just felt bad for you.

But i wanna see it, yeah. also, isnt Sega workin with em more, some kinda co-op game one day? How long must i wait to see my 5th-grade battle of Sonic vs Mario?! :D

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Mikey could just replace Giant Donkey Kong, I also want the Captain Olimar guy from Pikmin. But Sonic vs. Mario would be good, cept Sonic's speed would work against him in this case as it would be easy for him to fall off the arena.


Did anybody else notice that Star Fox and Donkey kong were nowhere to be seen in the trailer?

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I'm just hoping that I live to see some super fighting game combining Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, Bloody Roar, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, and a few others. Oh man, I'm drooling just thinking about it.

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I'm sure Fox and DK will be there. Nintendo kept the whole line-up from the first game and added to it, so I imagine they'd keep the line-up from the second and add to that now. As nice as the new graphics are, the whole point of another Smash Bros game is to add in even more characters, so I don't think they're gonna start taking any away. I think they should have an unlockable Wind Waker Link.

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not what you had in mind, baytor, but this might get you excited...link there's dead but im sure the info can be googled, check it out...bout as cloase as you might get for a bit.


and yeah, ive heard rumors on Viewtiful Joe but nothing solid on :yup: yet....im hopin tho.

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Anyone who played the gamecube one, knows the Powerstone-esque 4-player, pokeball-of-death madness this Nintendo fighter brings, and anyone paying attention the last year or two knows this one's got Kid Icarus, some others and Solid freakin' Snake.


Just wanted a general hype thread for the biggest Wii game this side of Mario Galaxy, and to throw around the rumor we're all hopnig for, and will inevitably be let down without:




Anyway, theyve added K.K. Slider cameos (from my beloved Animal Crossing) and a new character, "Pokemon trainer":




Cant wait for this game.

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Holy Crap!!


So the rumors about Sonic being in are true!


Don't know if any of you know, but the smash bros dojo has daily updates for this game, reveiling new characters, items, music and game modes everyday!


Its at http://www.smashbros.com


They've already reveiled characters that aren't on this box, so it gives me hope for an even bigger line up!!!!


About the box is that Rayman in the bottom corner? I hope not, Always thought he was a lame character.



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Well it's official, Sonic is in Brawl. There's a video up on the smash bros official website, and he looks pretty sweet.


Bad news is, I heard Brawl was pushed back to '08.


its a mixed bag, i know, but i look at it like:

1) so much quality's coming november alone, i can wait a bit longer.

2) this is looking to be the be-all, end-all Wii game of perhaps the system's lifetime from what's forthcoming (not to shine on Galaxy, that looks good too), so i say take their time. If wedve gotten a non-wifi, non sonic game idve been bummed.


only thing that kills me about SSB goodness is all the earthbound/animal crossing references this one's gonna have, with nothing new on those fronts. :unsure:

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holy fuck; if there's anyone with a wii on the fence on this one, the fuck is wrong with you?! this should help.




yes, that's R.O.B. i still want one of him. Game & Watch returns, Jigglypuff, and even Wind Waker Link.


new levels!




Luigi's Mansion!




Wind Waker ship!




:devil: !




@#%^in Ridley!




and more. details are pouring in, along with some bad crashing rumors on the japanese release; more to come!

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Yeah I saw Ridley was going to be a boss, I wish there was some reasonable way you could play as him. And here's hoping Marth and Mewtwo from Melee. I was afraid they were going to stiff us on Ganondorf this time around good to see they didn't. And if they would have taken out Captain Falcon and Ness I would've thrown a fit... I could give a fuck about Jigglypuff. Anyhow I'm holding out for K. Rool and maybe even Crash or Spyro in Smash Brothers 4, maybe even a little Knuckles the Echidna if I'm lucky.

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idve bet on mega man or belmot before them, but i guess its all up for grabs. Knuckles isnt much of a stretch, but with sonic in bad need of a comeback, i wonder how much theyre willing to put his unpopular friends in the mix.

Bish and a few others'll be happy with Jigglypuff; as much as i adored Mr Game & Watch early on last time, im hoping for the same from R.O.B. also, id bash the number of links but honestly, toon link is a great addition. for all the shitty shovelware, i dont think many can argue that this game's packed to the brim from what we're seeing.

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Yeah Megaman or Simon Belmont would be awesome but Konami and Capcom are practically superpowers, I know Snake's Konami but Hideo Kojima is practically Shigeura Miyamoto's shoeshine boy and was begging to have Snake included in Melee back when it was in development, and in the case of Sonic Nintendo owns Sega's soul, it was the same with Rare and bringing in Diddy Kong. I'm not discounting it but Capcom and Konami are big independant companies who are still stroking themselves with hundred dollar bills by squeezing ever last penny they can out of Castlevania and Megaman and Resident Evil respectively. Wheras Crash and Spyro are owned by independent companies that make shitty games that Ninentdo could buy the rights from in a heartbeat. And K. Rool and Knuckles obviously could just be yoinked from Rare and Sega as both Diddy and Sonic were. I also highly doubt we'll be seeing Snake in Smash Brothers 4, that seems like a one time deal (though it does make sense having him as the original Metal Gear was an NES title)

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