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yeah so my brothers and i and another guy write and act out comedy sketches.

we've been writing for a few years now, but only started filming over the summer.

they're not very well produced, i would say we'd little to no money, but that'd be untrue, we had no money.

but anyway acting out comedy sketches is'nt a bad way to spend an afternoon.


ok then without further ado

here's a few of 'em



WARNING: the following sketch contains asc semi-nudity



be gentle

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Haha, priceless, you sound like Johnny Vegas kinda in the last one!!! We need more ASC in our lives!


Thanks man


posting for posterity; cant watch these till tomorrow when sen/roomies arise again, but i will do so then. been wondering what came of this.


Once again my heart is broken ^_^ Why do i gravitate towards men who mistreat me so?

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Right, long overdue for an update.


The sketches have kind of taken a back burner, as my brother (the primary sketch writer) has started to concentrate on writing sitcoms.

This is a trailer for a proposed show that he filmed with the help of a production company here in Ireland, called Foxing Gloves.

It centers on two private investigators, set in a Steampunkish, modern day parrallel Ireland.


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