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A little late^ But speaking of Hocus Pocus, we rewatched it right before Halloween. I was kinda gritting my teeth at first. Expecting it to be unbearable and unwatchable... and while certain aspects haven't aged well, it's actually a pretty damn funny comedy. I forgot how much Kathy Najimi steals her scenes, from Bette Midler no less. The scene at Gary Marshall's house managed to crack to up even more than when I was a kid. 



Now the real reason I'm here


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Amazon is bringing back the classic Canadian sketch comedy series “The Kids in the Hall.” This will mark Amazon’s first Canadian original series.

The streamer has ordered a new eight-episode season of the series, with original cast members Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson returning. The cast will bring back some of their classic characters in the new episodes along with some new ones. The series will be executive produced by “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels.


ive seen sketches forever but never really watched the old one, might need to finally do that

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I just finished OZARK S3E1 and it was so damn perfect I almost don't want to watch anymore of the season because it can only be downhill from here.


Here are some quarantine binges I've completed: so far
* Tiger King [Netflix] - If you haven't seen it then what are you waiting for? The memes in your feed do not do it justice. It must be experienced.
* The Outsider - S1 [HBO] - Great for binging. A detective procedural mixed with a tinge of the supernatural. X-Files vibes. Cynthia Erivo steals the show.
* You're The Worst S1-5 [Hulu] - Binged the complete series. I watched S1 when it first came out years ago, but somehow lost track of it and never picked it back up. Once all the FX show became available on Hulu I dove back in. It's got drama, comedy, sex, and an awesome theme song. Highly recommended.
* Legion - S3 [Hulu] - If you have slept on this show, then now is the time to jump in! Highly binge-able show. This is a story in three parts and the whole series is now available, three seasons totaling 27 episodes. As an X-Men fan, I was highly pleased by this series. The astral plane and what it means to be a telepath were uually my favorite stories in the comics. It's got a perfect cast as well, led by Dan Stevens & Aubrey Plaza.
* Single Parents - S2 [Hulu] - The creator of New Girl is co-creator of this show, which is one of the main reasons I stick with it despite it being so mediocre. It's mostly background TV for me. But the guy who plays Jimmy from You're The Worst pops in for the final two episodes of the season, which was nice.

Ugly Delicious - S1 & S2 [Netflix] - Chef and restauranteur David Chang host these hour-ish long episodes, which feature way too many guests to name, based around exploring food and its effect on culture. Highly entertaining and informative.


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Watched the four episode UNORTHODOX miniseries on Netflix yesterday and damn, what an engaging and emotional roller coaster. The lead actress had a supporting role on a similar show about orthodox Jews in Israel, also found on Netflix, called Shtisel. (I tried to get into that one, but oi vey, not for me.)


Anyway, back to Unorthodox, the acting by the Berlin cast of college friends is spotty, but everyone on the Satma Hassidic end of the story is excellent. The guy who plays Yanky gives one of the best understated performances I've seen in a long time. But the real star is the lead actress, Shira Haas. This girl has no ass. Why? Because she performed her ass off, y'all! Seriously, she has the stuff. Future Oscar winner stuff. 


I also dove deep into the woman whose memoir this is based on, Deborah Feldman. She has some great interviews out on YouTube and a truly fascinating life that wasn't completely touched on in the mini-series. I've a feeling this show, which I hope it continues with future episodes, is going to be similar to Orange is the New Black in that it will use the memoir as a springboard into other stories and themes that the original memoir touched on yet didn't actually occur in real life.



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It was bound to happen honestly. Netflix has kinda been at max saturation point for a while now and they are constantly looking for new ways to get more money in to appease shareholders - its why they are trying to do things like get into the video game market. 


Numbers gotta always go up, even if it means screwing people over. 

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