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Just saw this and.... wow. Scared the living fuck out of me.

When she gets dragged out of the bed my heart leapt into my throat. Same with the shadow on the door.

The really eery shit is when the girl

gets out of bed and just stands there for three hours then walks downstairs. When Micah goes looking for her you just have no idea what your going to see around the corner

This goddamn movie has me jumping at every little noise in the house.


what?! did you see the version they re-released with added scenes? the stairs shit freaked me the fuck out!


Don't think I have. Must watch it again.


shit, i still havent seen the remake.

crim - blair witch was always hit or miss, but exorcist too? do you normally go for supernatural horror?


I don't dislike the Exorcist. Good movie but didn't really scare me a whole lot. I do love my horror movies though.

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^ have you ever read the books (Exorcist)? I haven't but from what i understand they are more about the spirtual journey of the father/priest than the gooey freaky demons.


now I'll have to look that up...



hey look i found it on wiki, i'll be dammed.




so yeah, looks like it follwed the book pretty close, but now i have to see for myself.


I know i have that book somehere, never read it. Now I am on a misson!

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Blair Witch was the most boring movie I'd ever seen. It. Sucked.

I partially agree. I think it was overrated and had I not waited until DVD to watch it I might not have disliked it so much.


I really want to see Paranormal Activity in the theater though. Also this [REC] film that Quarantine was based on appears to get the Baytor seal of approval and I've heard other good stuff about it. DL'n it now...

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Don't think I have. Must watch it again.


It's called "The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen" and remains the most aptly-titled DVD in my collection 3 years running now. I really need to get on that shit.


Dr.G, you might want to check out Exorcist III, it's based on Blatty's other book Legion and they inserted an exorcism just to validate the title. Not a bad movie, really.


As for Blair Witch the opening part where they're interviewing people sets up a rather creepy atmosphere and then it's followed by 2 hours of 3 dick-bags fucking about in the woods (the latter half of which involves them running about screaming "JOSH!" for 30 minutes) but the ending was suitably freaky for me to walk away not hating it entirely (just mostly.) Personally the sequel was a better movie in my opinion, though it really wasn't very good either.


As for [REC], some of the bite will be gone if you've seen Quarantine and know what's going to happen but the ending, though similar is so much scarier in the original (plus you actually get to see and hear things that Quarantine decided to garble/shaky-cam out) but [REC]'s real charm comes from the fact that it's painfully obvious how things are going to go down even if you haven't seen it but it still manages to scare you. Watch it in the dark, alone if possible, or with one or two people.

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I'm with Metalfarts on the ending we saw. Clearly the version most folks saw differs, because all the buzz I heard was saying the last 5 minutes made the whole movie, but I found it almost anticlimatic. I dug it but expected more of a scare(being the resident 'fraidy cat of the house), and being that right now we don't have a bedroom fucking door due to renos, I can't say if that was a good or bad thing. All's I know is, every noise & flash of light the dishwasher made kept Alana uwake, and therefore kept me awake because she'd have me checking shit. I think I worked myself into a bit of a scare(I normally sleep with one leg out of the bed due to it being hot, and since I sleep next to the door, not-fucking-last-night-I-didn't), but by the time I had to go downstairs & ensure our Laundry wasn't flooded again, I realised I was okay.


The subtle effects were cool and made the experience really immersive, but then every so often you'd see things like the

ouija board, the footprints, the manhole, the poor-acting psychic

and I'd be reminded I was watching a movie as opposed to 'lost footage'. Less truly is more in these situations. I liked the touch with the

photo in the attic

, and the characters were unlikeable enough to make it all the more real.

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its funny, some of the details that i found scary were off-putting for skeets.

agreed on the ouija board, again, though. LL's with you on the footprints; kertz and i thought "wow, inhuman" and LL thought "its a giant chicken."



was the ending really the only scary part for some? baytor really had a point on the immersion thing. mebbe i should get around to trying Cloverfield.


ps can anyone find a torrent of exorcist 3?

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no, i thought dinosaur, not chicken...though close enough. It was like they were being stalked by an invisible jealous velociraptor.



I finally saw Quarantine and good lord was that a bland ending. The ending of [REC] made my skin crawl and had me peeking through my fingers.

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i read the ending of Quarantine but forgot, what all was different again?

i think they changed the connection to the vatican bit, yeah?


*cracks fingers*



Angela and Steve? (That was the name of Not-Pablo, right?) go into the apartment and you think you're going to see the end of [REC] just in English with no accents, right? Okay, well the tape recorder that in [REC] gave us valuable plot points instead just makes garbled noise and Steve, who has apparently developed Parkinsons a few moments earler, can't fucking hold the camera still long enough for us to even read the headlines on the newspapers without skillfully pausing the DVD. Anyhow, the story for Quarantine is essentially that the guy in the penthouse is a member of a doomsday cult and has been infecting rats with a doomsday virus which is essentially super rabies and turning them loose in the apartment building after doing extensive tests on people in his penthouse. Steve pokes his head through the attic just like before, just like before a creepy kid busts the light. It is then we are treated to a clumsily-done recreation of the end of [REC] rather than Nina Meideros we are given "Thin Infected Man" played by none other than Doug Jones, slumming it up big time. I would tell you if "Thin Infected Man" looked creeper but Steve's newborn Michael J. Fox syndrome won't allow him to even pause for a second on the figure so you only get vague glimpses. The entire scene is a perfect example of the stupid idea by so many directors of "hey, Hitchcock didn't show shit and he was scary, maybe if I don't actually let you see anything it'll be scarier!" No, no it won't you fucking twats, Hitchcock was 800 times the director you are, were, and will ever be. Either way, things go down in the usual way, Angela's dragged off camera screaming and I walk out cursing the directors of a move that but for a few other flaws might've worked.



And now you know... the rest... of the story.


Good day.

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wow. this movie was really not scary (the end was the only thing remotely resembling something scary and yet it was still predictable). eli fell asleep. i passed the time trying to figure out how they did certain effects. bleh.

I found you had to REALLLLLY let yourself get lost in the premise they were a real couple for the scares to be effective. I had some trouble at first, but eventually got into the spirit of it. Although I will say the scares themselves weren't all that spectacular (save for the ending).


Did I enjoy myself at the theater? Save for the obnoxiously talkative teenagers in the theater (my fault for seeing a Friday night, 10PM show I suppose) it was a fun time and worth the money.

Is it overhyped? Yes, but not as much as Blair Witch.

Will I watch it again? Probably not.

Was Micah a retarded douchebag deserving of


? Indeed!

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douchebag micah
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