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Awful music appreciation


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this thread should be...something.


im not sure if we should/can differentiate the difference between a) music that is largely unpopular/thought to be awful but you generally think is fantastic, and b) music you know to be shit but still enjoy. the former makes this an apologist thread; the latter, more the confessional idea i had, and to also worm out others who (secretly) agree.


this thread also has to take the forgiving element of time & trends: i.e., bad rock/rap mixups and nu-metal were, like vanilla ice's "ice ice baby" largely enjoyed by mainstream audiences, until their very short shelf life expired, and the collective conscious reveled in (arguably, rightfully so) mocking the shit out of them & their fans. to this end, there are hondonians i appreciate/quietly respect and cringe at for their bold stances: spiffytee can enjoy the shit out of bubblegum pop shit (N'Sync, etc) whereas gunsmith's feverent fear of change allows him to herald Nickelback, Evanescance and other groups not known for quality since just past their debut.


on that note: i loved Kid Rock in the early aughts (were talking up to about 2002 when it was well past socially acceptable). i saw the motherfucker in concert, and would still defend the album Devil Without a Cause as fun, especially in a scene that didnt know what the fuck to do with itself years post-grunge. that would be my apologist contribution; i cant speak on any albums past that.


my fun-cause-i-lived-in-the-era (read: freestyle, an awful, awful genre) contribution of shit i know to be shit would be bad 90's house-esque music. Crystal Waters, Cece Penniston, Ace of Base type shit is in rotation on my ipod and a part of me i shouldve outgrown past high school holds a slight fear that right after some Commodores type shit i can be proud of ends, my gym playlist will somehow be boomed over the facilities speakers and only mute itself long enough for people to realize im happily humming/singing along to some shit like fucking

or Love come down or something.


there, its out in the open. your turn.



yes, this thread is all my fucking Preacher soundtrack's fault

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bwahaha! when i was in texas, TopDawg got me onto that song, then the radio looping. its a perfect example of seeing it on my winamp the next year and thinking "the fuck?" and deleting it. i like to think it was my own realization, not society's, that she was shit, but its hard to say. id still defend alanis, fionna and others, though.


at least that shit had a curve, for me. unlike say reaggeton where it just strikes my ears as the next disco...sure, the market has room for it, but there's gonna be a lot of embarrassing distancing from it for a lotta people as they age. id love to say this of R&B's overuse of auto-tune, but i could totally not have my finger on the pulse here.


rachael - GIT ON BACK HERE

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You know, I think some of it may be house music and some of it is filed under pop music, but if it's droningly repetitive and has an "Oonts Oonts" thing going on I consider it techno.


Okay, first up Daude vs. Robert Miles - Children of a Sandstorm this is the closest thing to good music that will appear in this post


Caramell - Caramelldansen (this song is now stuck in your head fore eternity.


Vengaboys - We Like to Party AKA That Motherfucking Six Flags Song


Bubbles - Bidibodi Bidibu


That's all I've got off the top of my head, I'll come up with more later

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I don't feel shameful about liking early Madonna, I'll play Material Girl proudly, but I'm pretty ashamed of liking anything post-Vogue. That said, I like

...wtf's she gonna do with that Mer-Man? After Colonel Angus visits it's gonna be a real boring night...


I'm no Juggalo, but I'll admit that I know pretty much every word of ICP's The Great Milenko. I don't approve of them and I've never listened to a single other album, but I've listened to that one a lot. There. I said it.


I blame GTA: Vice City for this one. There were just too many awesome moments with Flock of Seagulls playing in the background.


I have a (semi) legitimate explanation for this one. When I was a teenager I had an experience on LSD that I cannot accurately describe. Either words are too clumsy for it or my writing is. Probably the latter. Anyway, it was transcendent and epiphanic mentally and visually. I felt as if I was seeing reality for the first time (and I dealt with years of post traumatic stress syndrome afterwords, drugs are bad kids). Cradle of Filth - Venus In Fear was the song that happened to be playing at the time. Very loud. In surround sound and a black light. I had never heard it and it dragged me along, up to its peak and back down. It etched itself in my brain.

Since then I have attempted to share this with many folks, it's usually met with discomfort at best. I think one girl that was over at my moms house during lunch thought I was going to rape her, it was an awkward drive back. She all but backed away slowly, palms facing me.

So I recognize that it's apparently not a "good" song, but it's still very intense for me. It's all a matter of association I suppose.

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Journey (at least their singles, anyway) is not bad music unless you're an uptight pretentious douche. While hating Journey doesn't draw my ire like someone hating Styx does (the thing Adam Sandler teaches the kid in Big Daddy pretty much reflects my feelings on Styx haters) but still. Journey is great and if you think otherwise you suck.

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nothing I do ever pleases you dammit


Oh I wasn't referring to you. I monologue like a Bond villain pretty much constantly so when I say "You" I mean "People who are too cool for Journey" not actually you. It would be easier to understand if you could see my eye patch and the white cat I pet when I'm talking.

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