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Worst movies of all time

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worst that werent so awful as to be enjoyable?


i rarely walk out of films, but i recall doing so in Speed 2 to take a call. uh...i always want to add this one Passenger 57 ripoff so dumb i forget the name of, but i ended up getting head in the theater, so it ironically ended up on my best films list, for not having any other patrons there at the time.


there's more, but ive made a point to forget them. thank christ for rifftrax.

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I could list a few but anything with Sam Worthington in it will do for now.


This one is the worst of the bunch




I wish I was making this up


This is Sam Worthington doing Shakespeare in a modern day setting, could you think of anything more worse...


Struth mate, too bee ore not too bee, is the flaming question, Crikey! Is Nobler in the Fair Dinkum mind of your mates, costing us an bloody arm and a leg...

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I think this is THE worst zombie movie I have ever seen




And I'll probably get flack for this one, but I absolutely hated that movie Bug with Ashley Judd. I usually like the whole paranoia thing, but I was promised some bugs, mother fucker

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For me it has to be the "fast and the furious"

Presumably, that's the first one, "The Fast And The Furious," right? Cause the last one was just called "Fast And Furious" without any 'the's.


I'm pretty sure the Sex and the City movie qualifies as the worse movie I've seen in the past 2 years, but 1408 gives it a run for it's money.

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it's funny because my first exposure to him was in dances with wolves. my parents thought it would be fun to take a 7 year old and a 4 year old to a 3 hour movie about boring shit that children do not care about...i think we ended up wandering the aisles during the movie out of boredom. my mom also dragged us to see the wretched waterworld and made me watch some ridiculous movie with him and sean young in it about the military or something. so i've never been a fan and i boycott all his movies.

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Really? Really?

When I think of awesome funny movies i think of The Big Lebowski or...i don't know you've put me on the spot here...


don't hate me because i hate it, i hated the person i watched it with, which more than likely didn't help much.



Usually the company you see a movie with helps with your reaction...

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