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First off go to knowyourmeme.com right now if you aren't familiar with it. It gives you a comprehensive wikipedia-style entry on pretty much any meme you've ever seen or heard (and many many you haven't).


It also cites a source of origin for the meme if it's known. It's usually 4chan though, of course.


I propose that we dump all our meme ideas in here and pimp the fuck out of them on other fora, social networks, postcards, pidgeons, WAP sites, telegrams, fax, anything it takes. Don't pretend like you've never thought it would be cool for our plucky, little board to make an impact somewhere, no matter how trivial the medium.


I fully expect this thread to drop off the edge of the world and die from inattention/inaction mainly cos it's a dumb idea but it could be fun and we might yet surprise ourselves.


Plus now that college is done for the year I'm reeeaaaally fucking bored.

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We should be smart about this and maybe come up with something that is genuinely funny/clever/retarded enough to be memorable. Some of our in-house memes are a little too obscure for the wider public. Think of things along the lines of Sarcastic Wonka or Socially Awkward Penguin. The best and funniest ones can be applied to so many different little nuances of pop or internet culture and make you go "Oh yeah! Ha!" and nod sagely or some shit.


C'mon guys. The following conversation could be had by YOU:


Them: "So how was your summer? Do anything good?"

You: "I invented a MEME motherfucker!" (a triumphant backhander to the head is optional but makes it cooler)

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned HOT COSTNER yet! I would've thought that'd be the first one Panch would've gone to.

It's such a catchy phrase. It rolls off the tongue. We could give it another meaning, in addition to the original of course. Splice together video/audio to make Paris Hilton or some other hot, vapid, celebutard and put it on youtube, etc.


Also, film people reenacting the :hotcostner: in random public places, a la planking.

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Holy hairy fucking dogballs, since when did my stupid MS Paint creation become a smilie?!??! That's amazing.! LOVE LOVE LOVE for whoever put that together. Man, that's awesome.


I take it you don't remember me, you and Nick talking about this for about ten minutes in Forbidden Planet then? :D

Anywho, the masterful work is by Jax.

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