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Hmm...while i think of more, ill put the obvious choice: the old soundtrack to X-Men: Age of Apocalypse & Quake I....


With STP, nine inch nails, Rage against the Machine, etc it's hard not to like.

PS Anyone heard the soundtrack to "O Brother Where Art Thou"? I hear its great.

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Well my favorite soundtracks/scores include:



Like everyone my age it was essential listening growing up, Lust for Life, Born Slippy, Perfect Day, A Final Hit, great bands like Blur, Pulp, Primal Scream, New Order...



Can't say enough for the main theme, it can variate from majestic when the boat is surfaced, cruising on calm seas but also be claustrophobic and suspenseful for the destroyer scenes, brilliant!



Best score in recent memory and so much variation even among tracks! To hear my favorite bits I've to go to the middle of track 7 or the end of track 4, so I normally just listen thru!

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My favorite soundtracks are as follows:


Crow - I'm with Irish on this one, easily my favorite, and music went so damned well with the movie, especially "Burn" by cure, perfect sequence...  With bands like STP, NIN, Pantera, the Cure, Violent femmes, rollins band, and helmet, it just rocks like it's goin out of style.


Spawn - Some good came out of this movie.  This soundtrack ruled.  Worth it for "Trip like I do" alone, also has prodigy featuring tom morello(!!!!)  One of manson's better songs, korn with the dust brothers, silverchair, incubus, and rollins again.  Perfect industrial cd.


American werewolf in paris - Horrible movie, but the soundtrack kicks ass.  Very cool alternative/punk stuff.  Good mix between stuff from all around cool bands and bands you'll never hear again that made one great song.


I am sam - The only reason this movie was made was to put together a cool beatles tribute cd.  Nothing but beatles covers from eddie vedder, aimee mann, Black crowes, and other lesser known but very cool people.  All around great stuff.


Magnolia - It's basically an Aimee mann cd, but she's cool as hell and the movie got me into her, so it deserves some credit


Other greats are anything from movies cameron crowe or wes anderson put out, they have incredible taste.


There's not much I can say about scores I couldn't say by saying "John williams, danny elfman, and Thomas newman rock" so I'll just mention a recent favorite


Requiem for a dream: clint marshall:  damn, this movie had one of the best scores I've heard in ages... can't say enough about it, this guy's a friggin god.  I thought the stuff he did for Pi was good, he just blew it out of the water.

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Good calls so far, but im movin this over to music, which still needs a better name....anyway, if anyone disagrees, lemme know.

PS If were talkin Original Scores, im for Braveheart, Horner outdid himself.  Also, Junker's right, Requiem has some very distrubing strings, even if you havent seen the flick.

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My favourite soundtrack has to be Clockwork Orange by Walter Carlos (apparently now Wendy Carlos!?! ). Hey Soldier Of Fortune, is Oceans 11 worth getting? I have other David Holmes stuff, is it similar? Oh, nearly forgot Air's 'Virgin Suicides' OST is very good too, although the film was mediocre it has to be said!

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Forrest Gump: best oldies compilation i've heard.. i love the movie.. the soundtrack is just as good


Wedding Singer: Again this movie came out with a Part 1 and 2 of this soundtrack another good 80's compilation cd.


Romeo and Juliet (buz luhrman version) awesome cd.. cardigans, butthole surfers, etc.. come on.. everyone loves the song "love fool"


Mallrats: with Weezer, Sublime, Bush, etc. what could be better? except for the fact that it's a kevin smith movie.. and kevin smith kicks enormous amounts of ass.


10 things i hate about you: the raincoats covers on that cd are awesome.. i love the cheap trick cover of "i want you to want me" and "Cruel to be kind"

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Good call on romeo and juliet, that had some damned great songs on it, awesome stuff from radiohea, garbage, everclear and more.


Nuther good one is the Saint soundtrack, Orbital, Sneaker pimps, moby, bowie, chemical brothers, daft punk, underworld... perfect cd, and it all flows together so nicely too.


Matrix had another great soundtrack, good mix of techno, and industrial rock stuff, tho almost all of the songs were from other cds that I already own, hate when they do that.

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All depend on whether it a score soundtrack (star wars, lord of the rings, etc), or a collection of songs from other artists (pulp fiction, i am sam). Those are two very different animals. I don't like when a movie seems to just get a bunch of popular songs or new songs by popular artists and throws a 15 minute clip of it in the movie when it doesn't seem to fit in or make any sense just to put it on the soundtrack. I think teen movies are most guilty (American Pie comes to mind at times). I really like it when the songs add to the scene and really give them a new dimension, like Tarentino films do. Anybody who see's the "Stuck in the Middle with You" scene will remember it forever, and it's because of the juxtaposition of the song (...clowns to the left od me, jokers to the right, here i am...hehehe). I like the way Good Vibrations was used in Vanilla Sky in the same way too.

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Best songs on soundtracks.

Big Lebowski: "Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, What condition my condition was in..."

Orgasmo: "Now you're a man, a manny manny man, now you're a man man, a man man man man man!!"

The Wicker Man - The Maypole Song

Snatch - Golden Brown


Best single score pieces.

Das Boot - Main theme

Requiem for a Dream - Summer Overture (opening music)

Power of One - The Rainmaker (opening music)

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Yeah, sometimes the popular songs do go really well with the movie, I though the crow's music fit perfectly, all of wes anderson's stuff (Royal tenenbaums, rushmore) has cool music that adds immensly to the feel of the movie, and the Matrix's music made those action scenes so much cooler.  Also, I kind of like the fact that the shitty teen movies put out soundtracks like that.  The movies will be bad anyways, at least we can get a good cd out of it.  Example, American Werewolf in Paris sucked, but the soundtrack is a great cd.  Might as well get something out of these crap movies.


Oh, and has the Fight Club soundtrack been mentioned yet?  I didn't mention it because I was sure someone else would.  That one was just perfect, and the ending with where is my mind in it is classic.

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I AGREE with you junker, Anderson does use music to accentuate scenes.. Cameron Crowe does this as well which i really dig, it makes the movie even more enjoyable


and yea i really dig simon and garfunkel.. they were really good.. scarborough fair is one of their more popular..but if you haven't goten into S & G i suggest Sound of Silence..one of my favorite songs.. pick up a compilation.. you won't be sorry..

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Just wanted to back a few calls - KOS is dead on with Golden Brown & Summer Overture. Ill add Trainspotting (the 2nd soundtrack, tho both were great) "Underwolrd - Dark & Long (Dark Train Mix)".

Also, while id back Judge's Easy Rider pick, Leaky was also on the mark with The Graduate, and even tho the soudtrack's known for "Sound of Silence" (great fuckin song, for those that dont know, the FIU bell plays it sometimes, its freaky), "Scarborough Fair" is a classic.

Uh, since were namin off scores as well as soundtracks now, ill take the obvious route of Horner's Braveheart soundtrack, damn near every song works for drinkin & writin essays, if anyone needed inspiration.  

Oh, and those that've seen Boondock Saints (another fuckin great, lil known flick), "Terminal Velocity" is badass.  Now if only i could remember those tracks from Run Lola Run..

PS It TopDawg was around, he'd vote for Last Action Hero.  Sure, the movie wasnt great, but its a great rock soundtrack.

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Boondock Saints is a fine piece of film. The company that got the distribution rights in the US don't make DVDs, so the only way to get a Region 1 DVD is in Canada, and Boondock Saints is already an obsurce film. It took me forever to find a site that I could buy it from. The shipping was excessive, but I got it, and i checked back the next week and they were back-ordered for weeks, so i was lucky. If anyone at FIU wants to borrow the DVD, just ask. No special features other than a trailer.

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Good call on The Wicker man KOS, although i was more a fan of Willow McGregor's song, ken what i mean?  ;)

Do you know there is not one but two remakes of that film in the pipeline? I read it about about two weeks ago, something about two studios having rights to it and neither backing down!?!  ???


On another note, a guy i knew from long ago tried to tell me Simon & Garfunkel were overated!?! EH? if anything, they are very underated!!! i asked him, "What about Richard Cory or Most Peculiar Man? or I Am A Rock", "What" was his reply. I'd recommend the album 'Sounds Of Silence' too, which i think is there best musically and lyrically. One of there best songs for me is 'The Boxer' (On Brige Over Troubled Water) with the lines...


"Asking only workman's wages

I come looking for a job

But I get no offers

Just a come-on from the whores on Seventh Avenue

I do declare, there were times when I was so lonesome

I took some comfort there"


Overated?!? I think fuckin' not, if ever meet that dude again, i'll say "LLLLIIIISTTTTENNNNNNNNN PROPERLY TO THE LYRICS NEXT TIME YA TIT"...


...damn, i really need to get laid!


Oh and IC! Good shout about Braveheart and Trainspotting soundtracks! But the i would say that being Scottish ;)



Anyway, i off to listen to some S&G


Hello darkness my old friend..

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I love The Graduate. Loads of young people don't bother seeing it because its an "old" film thats probably very boring. Fuck them, I love that movie. Dustin Hoffman has never done better than that (although Kramer vs Kramer gets close).


Run Lola Run has cool music, nice call IC. Bit of German Techno. If you likd that check out the Pi soundtrack, the instrumentals have never been bettered on a movie in my opinion. They really illustrate the paranoia and darkness of the film. Requiem for a Dream is pretty similar, but then again they were directed by the same guy.

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Jack - You ever heard of the Japanese version of Boondock Saints? Supposed to have cut material & everythin, check it ou on Ebay....its not cheap tho.  Think i got the same (Candadian?) version as you.

Leaky - I fuckin hate it when folks bash the Graduate, i try to push it on so many friends here in college 'cause not only is it relevant, but it was a revolutionary film at the time.  

Havta see Kramer Vs Kramer, id say Hoffman's up there in Rain Man and possibly Little Big Man, but im partial to that one.  Papillon was great too.

Thanks tho, ill havta check out Pi's soundtrack.

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