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Exactly my point, Kee. And IC, if you have a region 1 Boondock Saints DVD, it should be Canadian. But I got mine in Sept 2000, almost 1 1/2 years ago, maybe it was distrubuted here since I looked into it. Did you have a hard time finding it out DVD? Anyway, the japanese one sounds tempting, but I already have one DVD of it, and it wouldn't be Region 1. I know you can get a DVD program for your computer to play other regions, but with my cashflow, i can't even afford any new DVDs, let alone different versions of movies I already have that won't play on my DVD player. If anyone get's there hands on it, I like to borrow it or watch it with them sometime. I have like 50 or so DVDs for temporary trade, maybe permaent if the deal interests me.

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That just reminded me of what I really hate about what some studios are doing with DVDs. They release a regular boring (no good special features) version of the movie, then like less than a year later, they release the Special Edition! The people who would want the special edition probably liked the movie enought o buy the regular version. So then you either stick with your boring version, buy the other one and end up having two, or try selling the original, which no one wants because there's a special edition. This happened to me with Dogma, I ended up given my old version away. Has anyone else deal witht his shit with any of their DVDs?


PS In case you all did know, the LOTR will do this. Don't be fooled by the DVD package. The real special edition, with 30 minutes of footage put back into the film itself on top of the incredible about of special features, will be 4 DVDs. This is the first single feature length film I've heard of coming in 4 DVDs (I was impressed when ID4 wsa released in 2 discs, I think it was the first DVD too do that). So buy the 2-disc set if you want, but be aware of the other one. I myself am holding out for the special edition. I'm gonna stick this in the movie board also. I think it's important for people to know if they don't already.

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garden state soundtrack is awesome.

as far as original scores go...while i agree that the braveheart score is awesome and beautiful, i think horner ripped off holst's jupiter from 'the planets' dirty-style as the main theme (and i know def is on board with me on this one). i have a major problem with stuff like this. horner is extremely talented and doesn't need to be doing this. also john williams rips off famous composers even more dirty-style...download the finale for "new world" by dvorak and you'll know where he got jaws. and the star wars music sounds an awful lot like mars from 'the planets' by holst.


one of the only composers that i absolutely love and respect right now is thomas newman. i can usually pick out his music from any movie without even seeing the movie credits. and i love, love that pixar used him for finding nemo. i think it gave the movie more emotion and depth than the usual disney scores. what's funny is i didn't realize that he had done that score and i had never expected him to do the score for an animated movie but i kept thinking "damn this sounds like newman" during the scene where all the fish are caught in the net and swimming down. he's the shit....the shawshank redemption, american beauty, the green mile, road to perdition...he's brilliant.


damn, i didn't mean to write a novel about this.

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