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Best Arnie flick

What's the Austrian Oak's Best Movie?  

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Yeah...No matter what ya say the guys a bit of a legend. From "Hercules in New York" to "Colateral Damage" Arnie has been one of the greatest actors of our time....wait a minute, no he hasn't...but he sure as fuck has been in some great fucking movies. So show your love for the Austrian Oak and cast your vote and tell us why you picked what you picked.


I was torn between two lovers here with both "Total Recall" and "True Lies" being two pretty fucking good movies (just beating out the two Terminator flicks) but in the end I voted "True Lies". Jesus, even Tom Arnold was fucking ledgendary in that one!


*a Van Damme, Seagal, Norris and Lungdren poll won't follow this...hopefully...

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Yeah, I left out his comedy flicks. The funniest thing I ever saw though was in my friends house. His VCR was fucked up and he had "Twins" on a video tape and recorded over it with "T2". The thing was since his VCR was fucked it only recorded the picture of "T2" and left the sound of "Twins". So when Arnie is beating the shit out of the guys in the bar he's singing "Take out the papers and the thrash..." and when he's getting chased by the T-1000 with John Conner on the bike it's a spiel between Arnie and DeVito. I guess what made it so good was that Arnie was in both movies so everynow and again he'd go on a killing spree while talking about love...

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Now that sounds funny! No comedies? So I can't vote for Junior? Damnit!


I am very shamed to say that I have never seen Total Recall, so it's between Linda Hamilton's breasts and Jamie Lee Curtis' striptease, I mean, Terminator and True Lies. Was Total Recall the one that had a chick with three breasts?


Dude, seriously, Jamie Lee Curtis licks a pole in TL. That makes up for the lack of "real nudity."

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"... iiihizzz not ahh TUMOR!"


gotta love him. my vote goes to total recall. t2 would be my second choice, but it's more like james cameron that gets mad props for that movie. finally, true lies is just great all around.... such a tough call.

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Odd that the two films I'm torn between are both Cameron flicks. I like Total Recall, too, until the ending. Hmmm...T2 or True Lies...dammit... I think T2 is one of the best action movies ever, but True Lies also had a great mix of comedy. Dammit...alright the striptease pushes it over the edge, I'll go for True Lies.


Arnie (to his horse): Now what the hell's the matter with you? I mean, I had the guy and you let him get away. Look at me when I'm talking to you. What kind of a cop are you anyway?


By the way, you gotta admit, End of Days was fun to watch.

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Now this is a tough choice. Arnie has been in some excellent films, all up there are good choices (don't even mention Jingle all the Way, just don't). He is also a genuinely funny guy. I may even be one of the only guys in the world to like Conan.


He is Conan. He will not cry. So I cry for him.


Feckin' genius. ;)


Well, I reckon it has to be between Total Recall and Terminator 2 at the end of the day... hmm... overall, it's got to be T2, though a close run battle indeed. Arnie, we salute you.

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I agree. Arnie can actually be very funny. I think his comedic acting is much better than his dramatic acting. 'Course, that might not be saying much, but good comedy really is hard to do. Even when his comedies are shite, like Jingle All the Way (though admittedly, I thought the idea of Santa con-artists was kinda funny) he's always pretty entertaining in them.


"Did you ever kill anybody?"

"...yeah, but they were all bad"

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