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I dunno whether this should go in the comics or movies thread, so IC you're free to move it wherever. I just know that there are a lot of Preacher fans on this board. And a lot of them would like to see an actual good Preacher movie. Now, generally, we'd have this topic over on the Preacher forum, but since that place is pretty much dead and buried I thought I'd start one here. Maybe we'll get some opinions from people who aren't at Preachers, anyway. So this is a place to post what you think would be the perfect cast, director, writer, cinematographer, whatever for the doomed Preacher flick. I'll start with my perfect cast mix, since I love posting it so much.


For starters here's the guy actually playing Jesse Custer.


James Marsden



Now here's part of what I'd consider the perfect cast.


Jesse Custer - Matthew McConaughey



Tulip - Charlize Theron



Cassidy - Paul Bettany



OR Colin Farrell



The Saint of Killers - Vladimir Kulich



Starr - Ben Kingsley



Grandma - Frances Fisher (no pic)


Jody - Woody Harrelson


(Ignore the hat and the outfit, and just look at the face)


TC - Giovanni Ribisi



Amy - Jill Hennessy


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I remember back in Middle School, when I read Spider-Man heavily and X-Men every so often, I made my own list of an awesome cast for X-Men (of course, like every fan in the world, Patrick Stewart was on this list even then). They point is, I soon realized that the studio who have to invest $150-$200 million on just paying the cast, saying nothing of special effects. This was a time where the only movie that had ever had a budget as high as $200 was Waterworld, so I figure no studio was willing to make the gamble. The point is, a practical cast for a movie with so many characters needs to see beyond the A-list and even the B-list.


I'm not saying Bob's list is impractical, it's actually pretty OK in that sense. This is just a general comment. No I probably wouldn't post here again since I don't read Preacher, dispite the incredible things I hear about it.

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Hah, some interestin calls...ill post when im off from work, but i stand by Hugh Jackman for Jesse: the looks like a young Clint, dead on at times, i think. Your boy Matt wouldnt be too bad either tho. If TulipO sees this, its all Del Toro, but eh, too old.

So i guess Gary Oldman or Alan Rickman for Starr are too big budget, or wha...? Course, if it was mine, the entire budget would go to Clint for the Saint, so i guess im glad its not up to me.

Farrell'd make a fine Cass, dont recall havin seen the other guy....Bob, youve seen "Rounders"? What about Norton?

Also, again i really liked Steven Seagal for Jody: you need to really want to yank that pony tail out of his head. Woody'd do just fine tho.

Keep em comin, we got a whole forum of these over at Preacher's..

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Yep, that's exactly why he was my pick, MLB. As for Jax's note about not being able to get an A-list cast, I agree. Of course, it's also not possible that all of these characters would be in a movie version. The only way they could fit it all is, as I've said on Preacher's, in maybe an HBO series. And if that's the case it wouldn't be too far fetched that they could get three A-list actors for the leads, and then the occasional A-list guest-star for the episode or two in which they're required.

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Alot of good choices there (Kingsly as Starr is genius) but I'm still sticking by my guns with Desmond Askew as Cassidy.


I know alot of people will be wondering what the fuck I'm on but he's been my choice for ages and I'm not gonna turn my back on him now...

All together I'm with SB for the choices except for Jesse (I'd take Marsden over McConnaghy) and obviously Cass. I also thought Vladimir Kulich was an excellant choice for th saint, my only problem being what does the fucker sound like?

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I think he sounds like Christopher Walken in "Last Man Standing", the one with Bruce Willis...cool remake of Fistfull of Dollars, which was a cool remake of Yojimbo, natch...Walken sounds especially gritty, intimidating-like...been a long time since Ive seen it but i recall thinkin itd be somethin like that.

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Kulich? Naw, he's got a really deep voice. If you can stand the high amounts of Antonio Banderas, go watch The 13th Warrior. It's probably the most widely released movie he's been in (unless you really want to watch Firestorm with Howie Long, but Kulich's part isn't as big in that). Anyway, he's got a deep voice, but I personally think he's a good enough actor to pull on anything else.



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What's happening with this train wreck anyways?


I still say Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour for Jesse


I like Colin Farrell for Cass.


Either Patricia Arquette back inna heady days of True Romance(since it's pretty much the Preacher movie in a nutshell) or... Shit. Can't thik of the other choice I had. Jodie Foster? I dunno.


Kingsley for sure, to play Starr. If Tarantino had his hand in it(as I reckon he should), Chrisopher Walken could cameo as Frankie Eunich.


I'd personally rather see Del Toro in a fat suit to play D'aronique.


The Saint, I've no idea, but the thought of a weathered Brad Pitt or built Walken gives me tingles in that special area...


Who am I forgetting?

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for Herr Star I could also picture a bald Kevin Spacey (wonder how he'll do as Lex Luthor in the new Superman movie) and I'm always a big Patrick Stuart fan (but could the englishman pull off everyones favourite german bastard, but he did do a french captain)

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Jesse Custer - Matthew McConaughey



Gotta go with SB's suggestion all the way. Like IC, I hope a Preacher film never sees the light of day...but if it does, this better fucking well be the man who plays Jesse.


Cassidy - Shane MacGowan



Dillon actually based Cassidy's look off the famous Pogues singer, and he'd be perfect for the role, if only he weren't so old and out of shape.


Tulip O'Hare - Scarlett Johannson



My favorite actress, and she proved she could handle a gun in "The Island".


The Saint - Clint Eastwood





David Carradine



Both would be excellent...Clint looks the part more, but I can't help think Carradine would pull it off better.

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Good call on Carradine man. The Saint's gritty but needs seasoning, which Carradine'd bring in spades. Scarlett's hotter than ya mum's kitchen, but I dunno if I trust her to play Tulip. There's a huge weight on her there & I don't trust her.

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Kudos, I get ya on the Tulip thing. Scarlett may be a bit too subdued to play Tulip...but I'm biased towards her cuz she rocks my fuckin' world. Originally I thought a younger Carrie-Anne Moss with dyed hair could pull it off, but no one at the Divinity seemed to agree.

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From aintitcool...


I don't know good this information is, but I was at a comic convention in Dublin recently where Glenn Fabry was signing. I asked about the Preacher movie and he said that it wouldn't go ahead, that nobody wanted to do it. He then told me that days previous he had gotten a call from somebody from HBO looking for Garth Ennis' phone number. A few hours later he got a call from Garth saying that the producers from The Sopranos want to turn Preacher into a HBO TV series. There was no word on Garth's response to this. If you use this, call me BOMB 2.0.


Sounds like shit but we can dream....

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hah, awesome - fuck you find that link!?

bit smiley at the start, collage at the end was weird but i like seein this kinda thing, had the right idea. Was Jesse irish?! anyway, yeah wasnt all that great but i dig fan films, much less of Preacher.

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