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Me and my best friend could not agree more, the Simpsons is by far one of the best animated primetime TV series of all time!  We just can't stop getting enough of the show!  I invite you all (those who watch and love The Simpsons that is) to share in this thread your favorite episode and or scene and why you found it so hilarious and memorable.   :D

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one of the best animated primetime TV series of all time!


I would go farther and say it's one of the best tv series of all time, primetime or not, animated or not. And with nearly 300 episodes, and more laughs compressed into every minute of every episode than ever thought possible before 1989, picking a favorite episode or moment is not just near impossible (for me away), but it also sort of seems unfair to all the other great moments (also, to me away).


But I would like to take this moment to say I think the series has gotten better with age. Lots of people have told be they think it's gone downhill, but I disagree. Not just are the episodes funnier than ever, but they'll become comfortable enough to let go the normal rules of reality and just let the show do it's own thing. Homer used to worry about things like losign his job or the family's money problem. But now (as the show has pointed out itself many times in jokes at it's own expense) Homer just goes on wacky adventures (Bart: I'm coming with you, dad. Homer: Don't you have school? Bart: Don't you have work? Homer: Ah, touche!) and it seems like he doesn't even go to work unless it part of his wacky adventure. Most shows get bad when they start ignoring reality, but the simpsons make it work, and work well. Plus, as long as the voice actor are alive, we'll never seen the end of the series. I could easily see it going into a 30th season.


If I have to pick a favorite episode, it would be the Behind The Laughter episode, because it was really original and stands out among the whole series and was so funny and well made (bu that branch would soon be pecked apart, by woodpeckers of mistrust!).

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Welcome back, Acalis! Glad to see ya, i know you been busy.

And yeah i'd say if not the best, its one of most folks' favorite animated series, and not just for its lifespan so far.  Was thinkin of doin a "favorite Simpsons lines" thread since me & Junker throw em around so much.  

"Ya know what ya gotta do know, Ralphy-boy...burn em! Burn em all!" :irish:

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Oh, man, words can't describe how much i love the simpsons.  Easily my favortie TV series.  There's too many great episodes/ moments to list.


First one that comes to my mind right now


Bible stories episode, when Skinner is the pharoah


Skinner has Krabappel take dictation.


Skinner: All right, read me back what I have so far, Mrs.



Krabappel: Bird, bird, giant eye, pyramid, bird.


Skinner: Mmm-hmm, very good.  Uh, giant eye, dead fish, cat head, cat head, cat head, guy doing this ...

[strikes the "walk like an Egyptian" pose]

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The Simpsons really is the best. I was torn between it and Family Guy, but eventually I decided Teh Simpsons were better because they really innovated it all and Family Guy was just are really good to using lots of simpsons formulas. If you're gonna steal, steal from the best.

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I guess I am not the only Simpson fanatic here!  Well here's one of my favorites, and this is just one, but since I have a bunch of them, I will be posting them here and there when I can think about them.


I absolutely love the episode about 22 Short Stories around Springfield.  That episode had nonstop laughter!  My favorite piece was the one about Bumblebee man, simply loved when that oversized baseball hit him, and when he is getting shocked by the noodle, how electricity runs up between his antennae.  SUPER FUNNY!  :D

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I'm a fan, but because this is a praising zone, I don't think I'll bother challenging its "best TV show ever" status :sly:


Fave episode, probably "Skinners Baaadass Song" or something where Bart takes his dog in for show and tell and Skinner gets fired, cue Barts guilt.

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Did anyone else see the on with the return of Arty Ziff several weeks back?


Homer to Arty with instruction about how to treat Marge over their weekend together: "...and no funny stuff, and by funny stuff I mean: hand-holding, goo eyes, misdirected woo, which is pretty much any John Woo film..."  


And the Brazilian episode?


Kidnappers looking at the briefcase full of money: "Look at all those pinks and purples! Boy, our money sure is gay!"


Great stuff!

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Surprised to see a Simpsons thread dropping down the forum, at the worst it could be used to liberally quote lines.


I'll piss off SoF by getting in with this one first:

Moe  : "It's a dee-fryer...I picked it up from the Navy. That baby can flash-fry a buffalo in under 40 seconds."

Homer: "40 seconds?...Awwww, but I want it now!"



[Homer looking at globe, spots Uruguay]

Homer: "Ha ha! Look at this country! 'You are gay'! Hee hee!"

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There's just too much wisdom in Homer.


"Aw, first i have to drive your mother to the emergency room to deliever you, and now this!"


"Theyre dogs...and theyre playing poker!"


(paraphrased) "Ok, but i've never prayed before.

...Dear Superman..."


Blinky.gif      Cletus.gif   and finally, my backup avatar...Milhouse%20Cowboy.gif

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The Homer and the Hippies episode.  When Barney gulps down that drug-spiked organic juice bottle, and sees that green monster lurking around, then he screams in terror, opens up a can of Duff beer, gulps it down, and out comes a pink elephant to squash the monster down.  Then Barney raises his can and says "Thanks pinky!  You're always there for me!" and the elephant tips his hat.  Man I peed in my pants with that!

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"Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such self-help videos as 'Smoke Yourself Thin' and 'Get Some Confidence, Stupid!'."


"Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such medical films as 'Alice Doesn't Live Anymore' and 'Mommy, What's Wrong With That Man's Face?'."


"Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such public service videos as 'Designated Drivers, the Lifesaving Nerds' and 'Phony Tornado Alarms Reduce Readiness'."


"Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such nature films as 'Earwigs: Ewwww' and 'Man vs. Nature: The Road to Victory'."

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Ahhh, Phil Hartman's characters really shined on the simpsons. No more Troy McClure, no more Lynnol Hutz, and is best character, the one-episode Lyle Landley (the Monorail Salesman!).


  Lyle Landley: You know, a town with money is like a mule with a spinning wheel. Nobody knows how he got it and danged if knows how to use it!

  Everybody but Homer: (Laughing)

  Homer: (After long silence) Hehe! Mule!


  Bart: Dad, what's a muppet?

  Homer: Well, it's not quite a mop, and it's not quite a puppet, but OOOOOOH Man! Ahh.... So to answer your question, I don't know!


  Billy Cosby: You see, jazz, jazz is like Jell-O pudding. No, no, no. Jazz, jazz is like Kodak film. No, no, no. Jazz, jazz is like the New Coke. It'll be around forever. Huh, huh, huh!

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You left out a good one KoS:


"Hi, I'm Troy McClure!  You might remember me from such funerals as Andre the Giant, we hardly new ye, and Shemp Howard, today we mourn a stooge."


Oh here's another good one.... when Bart and Milhouse have that all-syrup thick squishie and are hyped on sugar, and going all over town, Barney takes their drink and gulps it, and says "I dunno where you pixies come from, but I like your pixie drink!"

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The Movementarians episode, man that one was a laugh and a half!


Moe: (covered in dirt)  "Look!  I been soiled by the leader's dirt!"

Sideshow Mel: (covered in more dirt) "Ha!  I am even more soiled than you!"

The limo passes by Homer and kicks up mud, covering his robe.

Moe: (sarcastically) Awww look who's the leader's pet!

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Homer:  "It wasn't our fault!  We never really wanted the boy.  He was just an accident!  Oops!  Ummm wait, I didn't mean that.  Can you edit this part out?

Kent Brockman: "Mr. Simpson we are live nationwide."

Homer: "D'oh!!!"

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