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Me, i got 9.86193% - Geekish Tendencies, a cunthair away from being a poser. This doesnt make me cool, it means most of the questions related to math/science/star trek, things that arent my field - i actually wish i knew more of the physics related things it asked. There's a lot of questions just to find out if youre an annoying cunt, tho.

I thought id clear over 10% for sure - there's a lot of questions about comics - but apparently they dont rate that as bad. See how you do!

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44.77318% - Major Geek


Damn they nailed me on all kinds of weird shit. THAC0 and Man or Astroman made me bust a gut laughing.

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I'm with I.C., however I did get a poser rating (3.94477%).


The comic questions must be worth jack alright. I thought I woulda got screwed on the bands (DeVo, Weezer, Man or Astroman etc.) but it seems that they weren't worth that much either. As for the science, maths and physics stuff, let's just say if it wasn't a subject I could waffle through in exams with just the vague memories of what I had heard in class (history, english, geography etc.) I dropped it like Fabien Barthez (vague soccer reference....).

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hell yeah!!! now i'm no longer the only super geek... i am the worst super geek now though...


SB, you get that when you were reading through it, that soo much of the stuff applied to you?


Yeah, I had that feeling...it was almost uncanny.


I think Drifter takes the cake, though. *bows down before Drifter*

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I'm a 6.5% poser.



I'm not sure I understand the whole grading system though,


+ Geekish Tendencies................................≥09%

++ Geek.............................................≥15%


So, scores > or equal to 9% and > than or equal to 15% You're a geek... so doesn't this mean that everything in between would be geekish too? Shouldn't 6.5 % stil be geekish? I figure I was going to score something below 1%... making me not really geeky.


anyway, yeah. These geeks don't kow whta the hell their talking about.


MST3K is NOT GEEKY! :misty: .... okay fine, it is.

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