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Love of Calvin & Hobbes

Reverend Jax

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Calvin & Hobbes


Just a silly little comic strip in the newspapers, just four black and white panals a day Monday through Saturday, and any number of color panals on Sundays is not just my favorite comic strip. It is more than that.


This little comic strip ran for little over 10 years, a brief period relative to any other successful comic strip.




Calvin & Hobbes to me, and countless others aroung the world, was the most beautiful thing in my life, and in many ways, still is, and there is no way for me to describe the emmense impact is has had on me.


I began reading Calvin & Hobbes in 1989, when I was 7, just one year older than Calvin. It was the first thing I read with any sort of passion, and I related to Calvin in an amazing away. Lookign back at those comics and remembering the way I felt, it astonishes me how honestly Bill Watterson able to write about childhood. Sure, Calvin wasn't the most realistic 6 year old. His vocabulary still exceeds that of most people I know today at any age. But that wasn't what made Calvin real. Calvin was all the things children are that adults forget about. Selfish, afraid, lonely, misunderstood, short-sighted, self-absorbed, impatient, and innocent, but not in the ways we all remember we were.


And the friendship Calvin & Hobbes shared is still stronger than any I've ever had with any person.




Nothing can make me feel so many different things like Calvin & Hobbes did.


Calvin & Hobbes will live in history forever, and they will touch the lives of many yet to be born. This is a thread, for those who love them, and know exactly what I'm talking about in this post, to express that love.



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Can't show this series enough love...what was the last book of it? I think i missed that one, only.


In regards to Jumbie & Jax' s request of Calin smilyes...i went through an icon pack i have of the series, here are our options, if i can get them down to the right size without lookin shitty...tell me which ones youd like to see:







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The last book was It's a Magical World. The last four books (The Days Are Just Pack, Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat, There's Treasure

Everywhere and It's A Magical World) were the best of the whoel bunch. Hate to pick favorites, but Watterson had really honed his style by that point, and retired at the top of his game. There's all classic though.

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So, no word back on those emoticons, eh?

Quick question for jax, mr "all things bill watterson are sacred"....you know those decals everywhere of Calvin peeing on variuos logos?

No lie, saw one on a truck today by the hospotal of calvin kneeling before a cross...that felt wrong.

What do you think...?

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Bill Watterson always was uncomfortable with the fact the only people that made money of merchandizing Calvin and Hobbes were bootleggers. Watterson had a very good reason for never giving up his merchandizing rights, and he was extremely committed to it. No animated series, no t-shirts, no calenders, no greeting cards, no mugs, no stuffed animals, no action figures by McFarlane Toys, no temporary tattoos, no breakfast cereal, no nothing! Literally the only product purchased were the book collections. Not a single cent was ever made on the C&H license outside of those books.


Universial Press Syndicate once offered him a $10 million a year contract to use the licensing. All he would have had to do is a sign a piece a paper and he could have made $10 million a year for who knows how long. Now, we all have principle, but who would have turned that down for something that wouldn't hurt a single person? That man was among the very few that literally had no price.


Those bootleg calvin shirts and car decals are usually pretty vulgar, and they pervert and bastardize the original material, which has a kind of pure and magical spirit to it. It really kind of saddens me. C&H for me, is like the one thing that is eternally pure, unexploited and untainted by Corporate America. C&H, as popular as it is/was, will always be a comic strip and nothing more. That's how is should be forever. In reality, with bootlegging, that will never truly be.

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Man, i agree with you on that.

Im eggin you on here cause i honeslty think having hm kneel before any religious symbol is far, far worse than peeing on some car logo, as i could see him watering things, but he often had thought his views on god through more than most people ive met, that just really bothered me, seein that.


Didnt know bout the 10 million tho...wow, he was a hell of a man.

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You know, I don't give a shit when you take shots at me, but could you do me a favor? If you're go to sully and pervert the pure spirit of a comic strip, whose creator turned down millions of dollars to exploit in even the most remote fashion, with a vulgar poorly drawn bootleg t-shirt drawing, could you at least do it in a thread NOT dedicated to the love of said comic and it's unique gift to our lives?

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Jack's right. Bill Watterson was one helluva guy.


Am I the only one that gets misty when reading this?




This was one of, if not the greatest comic strip that was ever printed.



BTW....the examples in that book were apart of a travelling exhibit. Got to see it on the OSU campus the day before it ended. :D

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