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I got this one for my birthday back in January, played it for a few days and quickly got my ass kicked! School started up after that and I haven't had the chance to pick it up again, but even from the little bit I played I can vouch for the fact that it's an awesome game. Truly, I'm already ready to declare it the best Resident Evil game yet.


And yeah, no zombies, but that isn't a loss because the humans are even scarier.

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I've been renting it from Gamefly since about a month and a half ago, and it really does rock the ass. There's this part I've been stuck on for two weeks (!!!!) Its so freakin' hard! Giant scorpion hangy-ceiling guy that grew really tall...


I actually succumbed and used a walk through, just now. I figure, if I've almost paid for this game already, why not cheat!? I can't help it!


This is one of the best games out there right now...most of the environments are completely interactive, unlike other Resident Evil games of the past. You can shove bookcases in front of windows when entire towns of the spanish..people run to attack you, shoot boulders from high cliffs onto giant spanish babies, jump out of second story windows... Its really, really cool. The graphics are one of the best I've seen yet on the GC, and the surreal sense of being hunted by these people really pulls you into the game and forces you to shit yourself.

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The latest issue if Famitsu is home to first details and screens for Resident Evil 5.  Capcom is bringing this next generation survival horror title to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with veteran developer Jun Takeuchi serving as producer. 

            Takeuchi is somewhat vague in his discussion of what we can expect from the title gameplay wise, revealing only that Resident Evil 4, with the wealth of changes made by director Shinji Mikami, caused excitement amongst Capcom's development staff as a whole, particularly those who had worked on Resident Evil for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Even with the changes, Takeuchi states, there was no mistake that you were playing Resident Evil. We can apparently expect something that, similarly, maintains the taste of Resident Evil while featuring big changes from the traditional play format.

            Images shared by the magazine were taken from a two minute high definition video clip in which the game's main character finds himself in the alleys of a desert city, being chased by a mysterious group of enemies. In describing the setting and content of the game, Takeuchi recalls a scene from the film Black Hawk Down, when a US chopper crashes to the ground and is swarmed by natives. The theme of getting out of a tight corner is a staple of the original Resident Evil, and is something that the development staff wants to work on with RE5. 

            The video does not actually reveal the nature of the enemies that are pursuing the main character. The primary enemy is a new element to the game and it's currently a closely guarded secret. The enemy are meant to come after you in great numbers, conveying the sense of insanity of hoards of natives that Takeuchi took away from Black Hawk Down. We can apparently expect something along the lines of the primary enemy in Resident Evil 4, who spoke a language that you were unable to understand and were more advanced than the zombies that have appeared in previous RE games. Takeuchi and crew are actually working on ways to make the enemy even more expressive this time around.

The development staff is paying extra attention to the game's environments, with Takeuchi stating that one of the tastes of past Resident Evil games was that of the player walking slowly through a dark and damp environment. This time, we can also expect wider, brighter environments, including scenes of intense sunlight.


          As expected of a next generation game, RE5 runs in high definition, and one of the things the development staff wanted to do was use the new visual power at its hands to communicate the sense of atmosphere to the player. The images in the trailer clip are meant to convey a sense of high temperature. In fact, heat is a central theme to the game, with Takeuchi suggesting that when it's particularly hot, you'll want to cool down in a cave.


          With regards to main character and background setting, Takeuchi states that we should be able to figure out the main character when we consider that members of the development team that created the original Resident Evil are working on this game. This would suggest that the main character pictured in the magazine is Chris (the bearded character in all the screenshots does resemble an older version of Chris).


          Takeuchi won't reveal when we'll be able to play Resident Evil 5, only stating that we'll have to wait until the next generation systems are available. He assures us that out of all of Capcom's game projects, this one is getting the most attention, and this is why development will take some time.


          A Capcom representative reveals to the magazine that a Tokyo Game Show showing for Resident Evil 5 is not out of the question. IGN is hoping that, with Sony's PlayStation Meeting press conference scheduled for Thursday afternoon and Microsoft's Xbox Summer scheduled for this coming Monday, we'll get a glimpse even sooner than that.







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Fucking brilliant! Makes the other RE games look light complete crap. This game is intense as hell! It really got me when I saw a dude with a chainsaw for the first time, and I ran like hell, got behind a door and the chainsaw went THROUGH the door and the bastard hit me in one hit! I was like "what the fuck?", but this makes perfect sense, of course I'd die in one hit! What do I think this is, a fucking videogame?


Anyways, this is one of the best games on the GC by far.

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i completely agree with Junker's post...finally finished this one recently, was badass from start to finish. Way more fun than any survival horror game ive played before, and most action ones at that.


Its supposed to be coming to PS2 soon, and i cant recommend it enough - thanks again SB!


now to finish up paper mario

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The PS2 port of Resident Evil 4 will be released just before Halloween, October 25. The game is somewhat of a budget title, only $39.99 US. Also Capcom has announced a new PS2 exclusive weapon.




The Parasite Removal Laser

which is used to fight the Las Plagas that emerge from many of the enemies you meet later in the game



I still dont think this game should be coming out on PS2, and the exclusives arent making me feel any better. But I am glad more people will see what a kick ass game it is.


On the Cube it is hands down graphically superior with shorter load times. IMHO, the best RE game out.



And I just can't wait for RE 5 although they have pulled most of the trailers offline...I was able to upload one that I had downlaoded earlier.


Trailer for Resident Evil 5(PS3 and XBOX 360)





Holy :shady: !

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Quick question on this. Played the Cube one all the way through...picked up the PS version of this awhile back popped it in recently...is the whole game in letterbox by default?


letterbox as in widescreen. Thats the default setting. You can turn it off if you like in the options menu.

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RE4 remake news!


The reason for this time change isn't arbitrary. Capcom wants to adjust the tone of the remake into something spookier, taking direct inspiration from discarded

Resident Evil 4 demos. That footage, which was used in early GameCube preview reels, featured Leon wandering a lonely castle, getting possessed by black smoke, and fighting off living dolls, as well as other ghostly manifestations. Some of this stuff made its way into the original game in other ways. Most of it, however, was left on the cutting room floor and direct comparisons are being made during development of the remake.


i am so, so down to finally play that. the recent history of RE book talked a bit about that direction & why it was interesting but not really feasible at the time - given how the original version of 4 is literally everywhere, i'm so down for them to take chances here



Resident Evil 4 Remake, M-Two specifically is looking to expand on Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways by combining each into one package: a more fluid and polished companion piece. Not every source we talked to could confirm whether this was in the main game or planned as DLC, but most said it was looking to be a fairly meaty expansion to the source material.


hyped for this as well!



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