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Yeah, all the "Rick James" and a host of other great skits come from here, but i dont think we have a thread for it...came to mind cause of this story from SOHH.com, one possible explanation on the delay of this season...


Dave Chappelle Checks Into South African Mental Hospital

Thursday - May 12, 2005

by Elle Castro 


Barely a week after Comedy Central stopped production on "Chappelle's Show's" third season, comedian Dave Chappelle has checked himself into a psychiatric institution in South Africa.


Sources close to the comedian told Entertainment Weekly that Chappelle flew from Newark, New Jersey to South Africa and voluntarily checked himself into the mental institution on April 28. Presently, there's no word on Chappelle's condition or how long he will remain at the facility.


According to E!, sources have confirmed that the comedian did not show up to work for several days.The show had been pushed back from its original launch date in February to May. Now due to his recent absence, "Chappelle's Show" will not be able to launch its third season on May 31st. Production for future shows have been stopped indefinitely.


Comedy Central network spokesman, Tony Fox comments, "All parties are optimistic that production will resume in the near future."


Chappelle's sudden action to check himself into a mental health facility has colleagues and acquaintances confused. No one is sure of the future of the show and the nature of Chappelle's illness. However sources have reported to Entertainment Weekly that Chappelle did not indulge in the abuse of drugs. Some say that Dave may have felt pressured by the network which signed him to a $50 million dollar contract last summer.


Although a sources claim that Chappelle finished nearly five episodes for the new season, he has not taped the version with the audience plugged in. To hold off rabid "Chapelle Show" fans a little longer, Comedy Central and Paramount are going to release the second-season DVD collection on May 24th.


Here's to hopin all's well.

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CNN says he's back.


Chappelle shows up at comedy clubs

Trade magazine, humor site say comedian back in U.S.


Friday, June 3, 2005 Posted: 9:59 PM EDT (0159 GMT

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Is Dave Chappelle back?


The AWOL comedian dropped in unannounced at two popular comedy clubs late Wednesday, saying he had just arrived in Los Angeles and felt like performing.


Entertainment Weekly reported CollegeHumor.comexternal link made note of Chappelle's appearance at a show sponsored by the site. (See storyexternal link)


Chappelle served up some impromptu standup to stunned audiences at the Hollywood Improv and the Comedy Store.


"The place went ballistic. The kids were on their feet. We had a college night going on," said Reeta Piazza, the Improv's special events manager. He showed up about 11 p.m. and did a 15- to 20-minute set that focused on current events.


Chappelle then headed to the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, where he performed longer than an hour, said Dean Gelber, the West Hollywood club's general manager.


"It was definitely a good set. He was having fun," said Gelber, who would only say he talked about a variety of topics, including politics. "Some of it was new material. He was definitely ripping."


The comic briefly spoke about his hit sketch series "Chappelle's Show," but didn't indicate whether it would return for another season, Gelber said.


Chappelle, 31, took off last month to South Africa for a "spiritual retreat," leaving his fans -- and even his agent and publicist -- wondering where he went.


After Comedy Central announced that the planned May 31 debut of the show's third season had been postponed, the magazine Entertainment Weekly reported the comic had checked into a mental health facility in South Africa.


But Chappelle denied checking into a mental facility or having a drug problem in an interview with Time magazine.


Instead, he fled to stay with friends in Durban because he wasn't happy with the direction of the show, which trails only "South Park" as Comedy Central's most-watched program.


Calls to Chappelle's publicist and Comedy Central were not immediately returned Friday.


An unnamed Comedy Central representative told the Daily Variety trade paper that network officials would be sitting down with Chappelle to talk business "really, really soon."

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Any updated word on the season 3 shit? I keep re-watching season 2 (never saw parts of 1), dyin to see more...black bush had me dyin last week.


There sure is IC...


Thursday, April 13, 2006; Posted: 9:18 a.m. EDT (13:18 GMT)


LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Dave Chappelle says in a new interview that he had several reasons for walking away from his cult-fave "Chappelle's Show" -- and a deal worth more than $50 million.


His decision to leave the Comedy Central series last May led fans and industry executives to question his motives, and his sanity.


But in a 10-page spread in the Esquire magazine arriving Saturday, he says he closed "Chappelle" for reasons cultural, professional and personal.


Culturally: "The bottom line was, white people own everything, and where can a black person go and be himself or say something that's familiar to him and not have to explain or apologize?"


Professionally: "I felt like I was really pressured to settle for something that I didn't necessarily feel like I wanted."


Personally: "The thing about show business is that, in a way, it forces dysfunctional relationships in people."


Chappelle tells the magazine that putting on "Chappelle's Show" was the best television experience he ever had. He plans to continue telling jokes and entertaining audiences, he says, so long as he can retain a degree of personal and creative freedom.





Personally, I think it's all an excuse. And it makes me sad.

This blows. :2T:

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Culturally: "The bottom line was, white people own everything, and where can a black person go and be himself or say something that's familiar to him and not have to explain or apologize?"


I wonder what he means by that, did they want him to tone down the racial material, or did they try to shoe-horn him into a stereotype?

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He said he was doing a parody of a minstrel show and as he was doing it he noticed that people were laughing for the wrong reasons.


I say smoking copious amounts of marijuana makes you paranoid.


Well toke aside, wearing black face in general probably makes probably you paranoid.

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Well toke aside, wearing black face in general probably makes probably you paranoid.


lol , 2T might have a point, it's probably the pot.


You just can't watch Chapelle if you are too uptight. I say the same thing about watching Carlos Mencia. It's all a joke. Sure, there are some racial aspects, but I don't think they mean to offend the entire world. It's just a man's perspective of the world in a humorus way, with abundant pot usage. :2T:

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see, im readin that he wanted full creative control, and didnt get it, which on one hand makes me think he was getting pressured or censored, but i dont know comedy central to be a station that sweats shit like that often.

you guys think its dave's fault this isnt going? cause im here thinking comedy central fucked up a good thing.

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It's obviously diffrences of opinions. Dave probably felt offended about not being able to do the comedy he initial thought he could. I don't really think it's his fault, but it does make me sad that he didn't really want to fight it more. I guess the stress wasn't worth it in the end... :???:

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I took from it that he just wanted to be himself (read: black). He wanted to tell jokes that would be funny to black people and might make white people uncomfortable because they weren't for them. The large audience meant he was telling jokes to lots of white poeple and felt he was constantly having to explain himslef for their sake. Maybe he felt he couldn't be comfortable telling jokes for black peoples if he was constantly think 'I'm gonna have to apologize to white folk over this again.'


Honestly, it's a bit ambigious.

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Did any of you catch him on Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio? or have any of you seen Spike Lee's Bamboozled?


The impression I got from Dave Chapelle was that he was tired of doing th Bo Jangles routine "lemme dance for you missuah" I think one of his breaking points happened was when they asked him to wear a dress and be funny (something that wasn't in any of his sketches)


I think it's not about him "giving up" it's about him maintaining a cultural identity and not feeling like he's selling his soul to do this show. Like anyone, I'm gonna miss the show but I think it's much more important for him to maintain his identity, at the end of the day that's all you have and all that matters.


ps it's not the pot

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Bah, Whitney Housten said crack is whack.


He couldn't come up with shit. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the first season of Chappelle's Show was crap. Season two was great, but could he keep it up? No. Why have we seen nothing from Season Three ("Cuz they wanted me to be a minstril and I said no..")? I say is 'cause it was shit.

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Dave Chappelle is back! …Sort of. Three completed episodes from the long-lost third season of Chappelle’s Show are finally available for mass consumption. With the success of the first two seasons, Dave finally gets to meet the President of Show Business, spends some time in the limelight on MTV's Cribs, and gives his best impersonations of P. Diddy, ‘Lil Jon and Gary Coleman. Combine that with some great musical guests and you've got proof that Dave Chappelle is now and forever will be one of the funniest, most boundary-pushing comedians ever to grace television.




68 minutes on one DVD. Let the minstrel show begin :)

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