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The 2nd Annual Hondo Awards

Da Cap'n

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So it's that time again! THE 2ND ANNUAL HONDO AWARDS!! We're only a day away and you can cut the tension with a knife! This the OFFICAL thread for the HONDO AWARDS and any HONDO AWARDS related news! First up is some rules:


1) Of course you know that there are NO ties! Last year we had ties and it was stupid, so this year we don't! In the event of a tie, though, tied nominees will enter a NEW poll and then we decide thier fate... all over again! If they tie AGAIN, then I'm flipping a coin or puttin' names in a hat or something! No more polls after that!


2) You might see a nominee in a category and say, "wait a sec, they aren't even on anymore!!" (the crybabies that you are)!! Well, previous year winners AUTOMATICALLY get nominated in winning category (with the exception of Rookie of the Year, Hottest Chick, Best Looking Dude and any new categories that came up this year)!


3) The AWARDS will go on for a week and a half! Wed Aug. 10th, I'm gonna close the ballots and we'll declare the winners sometime after that!


I guess thats it for now! If you have any questions, post 'em here! Oh yeah, one last thing! Here are the categories for this year:


1) Hottest Chick

2) Best Looking Dude

3) Smartest Hondonian

4) Funniest Hondonian

5) Most Obsessed

6) Nicest Hondonian

7) Most Talented

8) Best Avatar

9) Best Signature

10) Rookie of the Year

11) Most Missed

12) Most Valuable Poster

13) Hondo's Hacker

14) Best Thread

15) Hondo's Villian

16) Most Underrated

17) Best Couple


I wanna thank The Nick, WhoDey and Sarah for helping me out with ALOT of the categories, nominees and any other little ideas or suggestions they gave me!!


Ok, one more day people...

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No props for me? 


Thank you Jax! I ment these where the people that I talked to personally (phone or otherwise)! I just didn't wanna take ALL the heat when people start crying! AND they WILL cry... you'll see...


Oh and thank you Rachael! I was thinkin' that you, Dante and Jax ca divide up the awards and do the banners! If thats ok with you! Let those guys know which ones you want to do and they can do the rest!

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(the crybabies that you are)!! 


hah, that's my favorite part...he's right tho, he went above & beyond to get damn near everyone's name on ballots just to make sure there's as little of this as possible.


Ive got some good ideas for award banners, i just need the graphic :woo: talent...


This year's awards are gonna be awesome!

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I have good news and bad news! Bad news first I guess... I'm canceling THE 2ND ANNUAL HONDO AWARDS!! The good news is that I saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switchin' to Geico! Nah, just kidding! Good news is I'm NOT canceling anything, but I do gotta postpone them for one more day!


My plan was to come home this morning (from work) and get started on the awards... well my job had better ideas! I had to work over till 10 and didn't get home till 10:45 in the AM! After workin' 16 hours, I didn't really feel like doin' ANYTHING! I work tonight from 8PM to 6AM, so I'll get on them after 6! Sorry!! I promise that in the morning Sat, when everybody wakes up from thier drunkin' stupors, the awards will be waiting for them!!

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Oh and thank you Rachael!  I was thinkin' that you, Dante and Jax ca divide up the awards and do the banners!  If thats ok with you!  Let those guys know which ones you want to do and they can do the rest!



If they need help, I'll help, but otherwise I'll sit back and relax this year (I mean, how good could I have been if I didn't even make them all ?! lol

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Ok people, the awards are going pretty good (except for some minor set backs)! Good voting, good discussion! I was thinking, though, that Aug 10th might be too long for these to go on! Do you think that I should shorten it? I was thinking like maybe the 4th or 5th? Let me know! If I don't get no feedback than I just decide for myself... and we all know how that makes people feel? Get back at me, folks!!

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i dunno, i think the 10th is straight....lotta folks pass by causually every so many weeks, and Chief (who's mad busy) was sayin how he came in to vote for himself for the semi-finals, but got cut off by mere minutes.....im sure youdve loved another tie, but the point is: i think givin a bit of time's a good idea, personally.

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Any poll I'm winning should be ended now.

Any poll I'm not should be extened.

Any poll I'm not in, who gives a fuck?


Seriously, Aug 10 might or might not be alot of time for all but Best Looking Dude anf Hotest Chick, cause alot of people are holding out for pics with tatas or weewees.

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serioulsy, some polls have 10-12 votes, some have mid 20's...why are you guys in such a hurry to rush these awards comin & going? I think its foolish to call it off so early...no harm's gonna come from keepin the original date.

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Ok, I'm makin' this official in this thread! The 2nd Annual Hondo Awards will now end the morning of TUES. AUG. 9TH! I have to work this whooooole weekend and that's the soonest I can end 'em! I would LOVE to end 'em even sooner than that, but I can't! NO, I'm not just gonna wait till the 10th! I wanna end them then!


For the record I wanna just say that I'm VERY disapointed at this years sportsmanship! I knew people where gonna cry and I was right, but this just went too far! I don't care what people think of me, but the fact of the matter is that I'm not a cheater! I know that in my heart and that's all that matters! I TRULY TRYED to make these awards as fair as possible because I care about Hondo's! YOU crapped on that! When I say "you", I mean everyone (except MetalHeart)! I don't hate ANYONE on the board and I thank those that came to my defense, but I'm honestly, really and truly hurt...


I know everybody gonna have something to say after this... just know, I'm done responding to it! Good or bad! Have a great day...

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