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Land of Opportunity........Land of Killer Creatures and Ex-Cons.



America: where all the game come out first.



Australia: where they're *still* waiting for Rock Band 1


American: Home of 2Track


Australia: Home of 2Track-Lite *Just ONE Calorie*

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alright, guess no jollie ranchers for you then


That's okay, They tend to turn into cunts once they've wined, dined and 69ed you anyways. Ask your mum.


PS- My paypal monies should be going toward a board that offers the freedom the post wherever I want.


That's a suggestion, for ya.

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Quit yer yappin.


Suggestion Box ix supposed to be a place for members who dont frequent here for a while to check & get caught up on major changes & announcements. They're not gonna do that if they have to wade through 10 pages of what fucking candy do you like? oh heavens every topic to do so.

its hard enough making half of youse aware of HondoShare.

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not too terribly much; shirts last time were $16 or so (cause of the volume we ordered) so given that its gonna be fewer id say likely $18 and then shrug & look over at aarty for the shipping price, cause she was awesome about that last time.


It was about $30 something to ship to international & about $8 for the US when I sent them...but shipping is free if I gets some chocolate/tim-tams/goodies...

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ok, so im gonna do the next order when we get 10 or more people. right now:

  • ASC*
  • DoJ*
  • bishopcruz
  • gunsmithx
  • amynicole
  • signal
  • dante
  • Endworld
  • BlackenedNight?
  • Lulu?
  • D-fluff? not so much?

*already paid.

we need to get another order in & done well before the con; im thinking of doing special ones for those attending Hondos-Con. could be awesome, could be...that fucking awesome. who knows?


anyway, same $15, same place (put your name/size/# on the order)


do it for lottie.



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