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1. it comes from writing his biography. That doesn't help

2. once you become the official personality for Hondo's...it's much like winning MVP: it's all downhill from there, really.


I want my MM shirt.



Don't we all?




Post number 1

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Ok, $15 sounds reasonable


get me whatever the largest size is...


and, I'm not sure what to put as a screename; my screename's kinda silly since it was something the knoll people came up with on a whim one night when everyone was angry at everyone here or something like that, i'll feel silly with it a my shirt anyway.


You should put SomethingManly on your shirt. That was a cool username.


Nick- I'll let Crim know there's an order(he lost his & will want another), I'm getting Joel's MM one, can't decide if I wanna get another MM one for me or a THE JZA shirt. I guess what I'd like to know is, what's the next logo/shirt run after this one likely to be? I like the Got Hondos? one, but am not big on anything too intricate like the AWESOME logo or a Hot Costner shirt, so if the next run is dook then I'll get a JZA shirt now.

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oh, hell nah - you aussies wait till the con, or when i gets my irish boxing shirt. :love:


ok, so i gotta get the order ready soon, ill be back here tomorrow to tie up details of who's paid and who's getting what, ideally i want to place the order next week if we can, few members have really been waiting on theirs for a while now, and im certain weve got at least 10 for this order.

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again, i need to put the details down in one place to sort the order, but if that's what you put in for, yeah, that's what you're getting. feel free to repost the size and whatever # you wanted on it to save me time though.

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