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You know whats funny about this whole Zelda thing with me...if Metal Gear Solid didnt come out when it did, i prolly would have appreciated the series alot more than i do now. After A Link to the Past, i started loosing interest...sigh...i just wasnt feeling Ocarina after playing MGS for some reason. Wind Waker was cool, but it was nothing that got me excited. I hope Twilight Princess brings me back.


that's a shame...i forgot the 2 were released around the same time.

Ocarina's classic Zelda, massive dungeons and bosses and such, searching for heart pieces, all of it - and MM's right, Majora's Mask was really hard, but contuined the gameplay well, i thought. No way would i have gotten through the final dungeons in the time limits without a guide, though.


Twilight might very well do it for you, then.

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I have that on DVD. Found it for 20 bucks a few days ago.

Really??? Where??? I been looking for that for the longest!!! I found it once online, I think on Yahooligans or someplace like that, but I don't think they have it anymore. :Zombie:

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So, a friend of mine found this on YouTube and I thought it was really cool so I made it easier to watch them in order by placing them here for your viewing pleasure. I would suggest to pause it and wait for it to load completely before watching cause they are long. Enjoy!


"Links" for all Zelda fans!


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6

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also, Zelda's coming up on its 25th anniversary, so fans are wondering if it'll get (another) collection like Mario did. one particular fanmake a mock-up that's inevitably way more awesome than whatever we're getting:




i dont even care how much it would cost i mean goddamn

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that was kinda cute, and reminded me that i could go for another OoT playthrough one day. i'm officially jelly, Logans.


that said, the slow sales have Target offering it right now with a $25 gift card, and buy 1, get 2nd game at 50% off. not a bad deal, but i know i can do better if i hold out. still hoping for an XL, depending on my will when more games start showing up.


played one at Best Buy this week, it was only Steel Diver but i got to see the effect, and my vision seems to pick enough of it up, at least based on what the lighting there allowed - if nothing else, ill slide it down and just play.


ps that's a helluva beard. also? his daugher aint hard on the eyes.

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Gotcher preorder,

the trick is getting it to you. This year's about crossing serious borders though, so maybe it'll be mailed without the aid of a carrier Meg. You never, ever know.



Given my complete disdain for 3d platformers since their inception, and Nathan Drake forcibly feeding me my own hateful words with a delicious foie gras, my fence-sitting arse might just give this a playthrough.

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aw shit, did they give you the ocarina or what? fancy box and all, but since it's region-locked, god knows the game itself won't work for me even when i do procure a system.

you're a champ either way. +1, and a shot in your honor.

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