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Ok so, I just kinda want to talk about the shit I liked and didn't like in this game. I'll post some non spoilery stuff, and then tag the major plot stuff. Cause it's hard to talk about it without giving away too much. Not about the original. Everyone here should know Cloud dresses up in drag, and that Aerith dies halfway through the original game etc etc. But there are some pretty big.... surprises in this game. That shouldn't even be a spoiler because the sheer fact that this game even exists is a fucking surprise at this point! Anyway here's some of my random thoughts. I don't mean to post a big ol' long review, but this is a pretty huge game, and it gave me a lot of feels. 


So I'm pretty damn familiar with the original game. It wasn't my first FF game, and it isn't even my favorite. But I'm a big fan of it. So playing this new one is a total mindfuck. You have the story beats in your head, but then you have so much more going on here. 


I loved the new character development and new characters themselves. Biggs, Wedge and Jessie are fantastic, Barret has been given a big boost from a big dumb oaf to a charismatic leader with a lot of heart. Tifa and Aerith are charming as hell and it's awesome to see their friendship form here. And I like Cloud's subtle characterization. He tries so hard to be a badass, and he is. But he is also kind of a loser and I love that. 


Combat is equally impressive. It's feels very satisfying, especially Tifa. She plays very well and is just a badass. It's also surprisingly difficult. I never felt stuck, but some real tactics are needed here. I'd get killed by a boss then have to work out what I did wrong and what combo of materia/moves I needed. It made me feel smart for figuring out how to work around killing things more efficiently. 


The music is a mixed bag here. It's exciting to hear certain tracks and really gets you pumped. And I really like that the classic battle theme isn't what is used for EVERY fight. Some of the different areas re-purpose those themes as fight music. And works well. But some of the new, re-imagined music isn't all that great. I hate the new Wall Market theme for one. An I wish the boss fight music was worked in more/better. But mostly it's great. 


I feel like the game is a bit more padded than it should be. I really wanna know what it's like for people who haven't played the original. 



Ok time for heavy story spoilers. 



I love how some things are re-contextualized to give certain parts more depth. The train graveyard is fantastic. And then the battle at the pillar was one of the most harrowing moments in the game for me. It's a real gut punch. 



I also really love Sephiroth in this game. I've never been one of those who thought he was the best FF villain or anything. He looks cool, but he never had my favorite personality. I'ma Kuja guy. But here? He stalks you throughout the game with a real sense of glee. Like he wants to fuck with your head, and truly enjoys it. And it's CREEPY. They really did a great job of working him in, when he doesn't even fully appear until much later in the original game. 


BUT, once people finish this, we need to talk about the ending. How it basically erases the rest of the game from continuity. Maybe? I don't know. It certainly makes you want to think that once you leave Midgar, the story will take a dramatic hard left. It sorta does that a few times here, but the ending REALLY messes with you. I just hope that we don't have to wait as long for the next games, because that's such a cliffhanger. I see this game as the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood of video games. You've got an established timeline. You know what is SUPPOSED to happen... but it doesn't. And you then it leaves you wondering how the future shapes up. 


I'm also bummed that we don't really get to play as Red XIII. I get it, but I still would have loved to have him as a full playable character. Another reason I'm excited to see what's next.




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