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That's all i know so far. Dont know if its coming to consoles yet, but PC gamers might have a gem on their hands. What ive heard/read says its supposed to be a hybrid of off & online play, not sure how that'd work either...anyway, bish says this is about 300 years after Knights of the Old Republic.

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as far as I know it's not a hybrid in the sense of offline stuff but rather that they will be blending a single player expereince into the online play, It's a tough thing to pull off because if it's too much single player then there's no point to the online part but not enough but you do need some of it there... it's something I'm really looking forward to checking out but I'm trying not to hope too much, too many high profile mmo's fail pretty bad with new developers cause it's a hard market to break into, wow really raised the bar on that and this one won't really be a sucuess if it only hits swg numbers. I think if they can hit a million to 2 million subscubiers they'll be fine.

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see, the single-player experience in an online game - ive heard that from FF XI and others. do you think its been pulled off successfully yet, though? i guess you could argue a shack/slash like diablo 2, not sure how well it fits.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic!


Anyone doing the beta? I'm in beta this weekend and liking it a lot. They could use another 2 classes each side, imo, but it is a great game for single and multiplayer from what I've seen of it.


theshadoworder.net is my pre-approved guild, republic side, if anyone is interested. Won't know the server it will be on til 12/10 - 12/15 or so.


themmocleric at gmail dot com is my email if anyone wants to get in touch with me about SWTOR!

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So after playing it for quite a few more hours, here are a few things I would like to say about The Old Republic...


I like it, a lot. Every quest is voice-acted, and it really brings a lot to the game. Every class has a different intro which basically lasts until level 10. But basically the jedi start in one area (two different classes) and the troopers/smugglers start in another. But it is quite easy to go to the jedi starting area from the very begining.


Quests so far are pretty standard faire. Not too much of the go here, kill X enemies, or run this medkit to so and so, but they still do exist.


Skills are varied, and not copied straight from WoW. Even the 3 specs you get to choose from when you pick your advanced class are very diverse. I mean with Rift, you could pretty much figure out which WoW character they based which spec on, and in ToR that doesn't happen. Now none of the specs have WoWed me (so to speak), but they all seem like they could be fun.


Now on to the biggest thing. You get a companion pretty early on, about lvl 7-9 depending on how you quest. They can be a healer or tank or dps, but at first you really don't get to pick their skills. But as time goes on you get more and different companions. You can also teach your companion skills, so they can craft for you, or sell items for you, and more, but I haven't gotten that far yet.


All of that means that the game is almost fully duoable. Two toons, each with a companion is 4 toons total. 4 people can get you through almost any quest in the game (even heroic). Now I don't know how the end game works or anything about it yet, but you won't need to group with 4 random strangers all the time just to run an instance.


It really feels like sort of a single player game with MMO qualities to it. You can definately play it like an MMO if you want, but you can also have a damn good time just running around treating it as a new single player Star Wars game. And the stuff you get to do as an evil character makes me smile all the time. I love being able to shock my slave at will.


tl:dr Quit WoW, Join Star Wars The Old Republic.

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