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Off the Movie Chain!

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Ok, so here's how to play...


I'm gonna start by postin' a movie. Then who ever responds to my post has to name another movie that an actor/or the director also was in/directed. So if I said Spider-Man then the next poster could say Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Tobey Maguire was in both of those. Now you don't have to use of him, you could of used Kirsten Dunst or Willem Dafoe or even Sam Raimi. It's whoever you think of first. Now, to continue the game after Fear and Loathing, the next poster can post Snatch. Now who was in Fear and Loathing and Snatch? Right, Benicio Del Toro! You got it... and it goes on and on. So really, you just have to post the movie title and that's it! Ok, let's have fun...





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I had to look it up to figure out that Jack Black was in The Neverending Story 3, as I did not know they made a Neverending Story 3.

There also seems to be no one else in that movie that made anything of themselves, but after a little leg work I stumbled across the majesty of Adrien Dorval.

Allow me to share with you his glory.

After working his way up through the ranks of television stardom in such hits as MacGuyver and Mom P.I., he took Hollywood by storm. Some of film's elite refer to this singular event as "The Arrival". They aren't talking about the movie though, he wasn't in that.

As detailed in his upcoming E: True Hollywood Story, his performance in Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning as "Seamus" was described as "Scrumtrulescent", but nothing could top the success of his biggest box office smash.




His role as "Prisoner" was not described by anyone, as it is too difficult to express such feelings of awe with the clumsy tools of language. To attempt to do so would be to do it an insulting disservice.

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