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OK, a little more detail.


First, the mediocre: The story, characters, and dialogue was all cookie cutter, ham-handed, heavy-handed, and cliched. There was no suspense. You saw everything coming from a million miles away. A completely predictable off-the-shelf by-the-book allegorical epic.


But the movie wasn't trying to do anything other than that. It wasn't trying to be complex or nuanced, it didn't try to give you unexpected character developments, and it wanted to be a story we've seen a million times before. It a sense, it was not trying to be ambitious in the plot/character/dialogue department, but a straight forward story allowing your focus to stay fixed on the movie's strengths, and when it comes to those strengths, let me be clear: Believe the hype!


For most of the film, there are entirely CGI, 10 foot tall blue aliens on the screen. For maybe half (or maybe more), these blue aliens are the only characters on screen, and you are totally immersed. If you allow yourself, if you are not dead set on taking yourself out of the moment, you will see the Na'vi as real. You will see Pandora as real.


The battles incredible, and settings are incredible, and it is a fantastic experience for anyone that likes movies. Do yourself a favor, spend the extra money and drive the extra distance to see this on IMAX in 3D. You have to experience this world in full effect because that is what this movie is about.

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Pretty good? I heard the rare mineral that prompted the human's attempt at relocating the aliens was called unobtainium.


That's only because Fucking-Hard-To-Get-Ium wouldn't fit on the plaquard. It really is exactly Dances with Wolves meets Fern Gully and it plays out in such a paint by numbers fashion that there's really no originality to the plot, story or characters whatsoever. Also the 3D is so immersive that by halfway through the movie you don't even really notice it anymore.


But hey, Sigourney Weaver is pretty good in it plus she's almost attractive these days which is impressive since she never has been (except in Galaxy Quest, I would hit that so hard that the next person to pull me out of it would be crowned King of England) and there were a couple things that were unique about Pandora (I.E. the non-breathable atmosphere and the fact that the N'avi were twice the size of human beings, things that are normally overlooked in this type of film) and hell, it did look nice. Not only that, the game's probably pretty good, it pretty much has to be as the movie sets out every single level for the developers to follow there's even a final boss.


Also, why did the guy's mechwarrior have a knife?

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'Baytor pretty much confirmed every suspicion I had about this movie.

Pretty visuals can't carry a film for me, much like Greg Land cannot carry a comic book.


And the game is very "meh", action/rpg-lite.


Sometime, if the visuals are really, very, very pretty, they can carry a movie.

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Didn't live up to the hype at all. I see ads on tv telling me it'll change the way I look at movies. We don't see that too often and when I see that it should deliver. This was just another cg'ed up movie with too much preachiness added to it. I did enjoy it but if I hadn't seen it in theaters I probably wouldn't have @.@

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