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Curse of the Joker?

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By now, many of you might have heard about Growning Pain's loveable "Boner", child star Andrew Koenig, being found dead in Vancouver.


What you might not know is that Koenig played the Joker in 2003's Dead End.



Ledger.....Koenig.....both play Joker....both Dead. We might have an honest to goodness curse on our hands!


Look out Hamill and Nicholson!!

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Jack was almost killed by Kevin Garnett last night during Game 7 of the NBA Finals. I mean, KG went into the stands HARD and Jack just got away. You never know. This could be Death from Final Destination trying to get Jack like in the movie?

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The "original" Joker, Conrad Veidt, star of The Man Who Laughs.



Dead at the age of 50 from a sudden heart attack while playing golf shortly after finishing Casablanca. A full 8 years less than the average lifespan of an american male in the 1940's.



Cesar Romero, from the 60's TV series. Named one of the “most beautiful men in the world" by T.V. Guide Magazine with "hair the color of stainless steel," an "alert, erect posture," and "charm to spare". Huhhuh. They said 'erect'.



The very picture of health. Dead at the youthful and vibrant age of 86. The cause is even more mysterious: bronchitis and pneumonia, eventual death due to complications from a blood clot. I don't get all the science words, but it sounds like a mystery.

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