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Stupid questions on yahoo answers


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The grammar errors in that are so strangely inconsistent. Even if her logic is faulty, the thoughts are (for the most part) coherent. And it's not like she's typing in "txt spk" either, so there's no excuse there. Perhaps it's due to lack of proofreading and the fact it was written in haste and/or anger that led to those errors.


Anyway, bitch forgot to bring a deaf guy his pie. No excuse. :sad:

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Trying to give the benefit of the doubt, it looks like she is some teen who just started working and couldn't get a handle on things..... common sense should've outweighed that by far though cause that was alotta mistakes @.@ Workwise and grammar wise like haku said lol. I like when the caveman talk comes into play--

We end up got in argue. She end up went to him and take his order. At end of my shift, the manager came to me and told me to not come back!
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English as a second lg maybe?

You know, you may be on to something there. With the almost random absence of articles, verb tense errors, and incorrect word choice it kind of appears like writing I'd see from my higher level ESL students when I taught jr. high in Japan. Based on the tone of the piece and grammar errors, my guess would be this "Jessica" is possibly a Hispanic teen that grew up in a dual language household. . .

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Depends on whether lightsabers are considered "magic" or not, really.

I don't know enough about Star Wars to make a call. Is it a laser that's prevented from emitting past a certain point by the user's telekinesis? Or are the properties part of the actual device? I know from KOTOR that they use crystals, are they magic crystals?


Basically, Magic = probably

Laser = probably not

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