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I thought I was past desire. I was so wrong. Fair warning Newt: If I can't secure my own copy of what appears to be an absolute Usagi Yojimbo, you're involuntarily joining what has become a cute little 'thing' of international guests stealing a token from the hosts' house.


Haku- My heart leapt at your Return of Bruce Wayne figure as I initially mistook it for this. Still, some sweet, sweet swag there dude.


Revision: Newt- Looks like I can get my own from Amazon. You got lucky this time, boy

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The TMNT mug is for me, the Wolverine mug is for my cousin Marcela for her 40th birthday. The books are South Park and Philosophy (part of the great Pop Culture and Philosophy series), an American Splendor volume (that contains the first two anthologies, which covers the first 12 comics through 1987), and a Ray Bradbury-authorized graphic novel adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

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Jay - :huh: Why would you ever want that Scarecrow figure? I remember it being on shelves here for ages.


Jax - I dig the mugs! And the Bradbury approved 451 comic sounds intriguing. Is it a new release? I vaguely recall beginning to read one a long time ago, but didn't finish it as it was kinda meh. Let me know how you dig this one.

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I never picked up any figs from that LOTDK line, although that was a really good Bane. Better than the DC Direct one that was put out for the Knightfall line.


Wow that DC Direct one is incredibly disappointing. Out of curiousity- Your DC DIrect and Marvel signature series and whatnot- do you get those in toy stores over there or just in specialty stores like Tates and whatnot? Because it blew my mind enough that your toy stores distributed Mighty Muggs. All of these things we can only get in comics shops here.

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^^I can't say I've seen any DC Direct or Marvel stuff in retail stores in years, Jay. Suncoast Video used to have some Marvel Masterpieces, but I think that company went out of business. Depending on the figure, you might be able to find some in a Hot Topic, Spencer Gifts or an FYE, but it's unlikely.


I recently picked up some Star Wars LEGO sets during a Toy's R Us sale as well as the Blu Ray set. I'll have to post pics soon...

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Frankenberry? Booyakasha! I picked up some in Oct. as well. Wish I would've grabbed some Boo Berry as well as they're now mysteriously gone from shelves again. Who the fuck decided these had to be "seasonal" cereals?!!?


Also, you eyeballing any Black Friday deals, Newt? Blu Ray Pulp Fiction is going for $5 or less at most places. Most of the other ones going on sale (at least that are shown in leaked ads) I either already own or aren't interested in owning.

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catch-up post for the last few months, including some early christmas presents! it's a great haul.




stoopid flash; above Dark Souls is Earth Defense Force: IA (thanks again Newt!), Metal Gear Solid collection HD & Sonic Generations. happily backlogged forever.

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I got these two Star Wars LEGO sets as part of a BOGO 50% off sale at TRU a few months back. The shuttle is complete and is so fucking sweet. I'll post pics in here or the SW Shwag thread sometime. Han's ride though is still in the box as I promised my gf we'd build it together...




And here's the haul I pulled on Black Friday. Some are gifts, but most of it is for me...


...as it should be. :2T:

Best Buy:

* iPad 2 ($45 off)

* iPad crayola app & stylus (half off)

* Batman: Arkham City ($30)

* Pulp Fiction [bR] ($5)

* HP: Deathly Hallows pt. 2 [bR] ($10)


Toys R Us

* Dance Central Kinect (two games for $55)

* Kinect Sports 2 (two games for $55)

* Mini Wii motion+ remote w/ nunchuck ($23)

* Mini Wii motion+ remote w/ nunchuck ($18--coupon!)

I got these remotes and a Wii game not pictured for my nephew. $18 for a Motion+ Wiimote & nunchuk was probably the best deal I got--you can't get 'em used for that price!



* X-Box w/ Kinect ($149, I paid $199 but got a $50 WM gift card)

* Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($28)

* DVDs ($2 ea.)

* Blu Rays ($5 ea.)




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